Found these supplements on sale yesterday

Found these supplements on sale yesterday


I found these best supplements you can buy on sale yesterday… Ribeyes! I have 2 marinating now for today. Gonna grill them. Yum!


wet marinate on rib eyes?

salt pepper garlic powder (dry brining) an hour or more in advance of grilling and a light kiss on a super hot grill for nice rare steaks.

simple is best with fattier cuts of beef imo.


Personally, ribeye is my favorite cut. I see you’re a man of culture


Depends on the quality of the meat. A USDA Prime ribeye, I wouldn’t dare fuck up the flavors of with any marinades or flavored seasonings. Salt, pepper, that’s it.

USDA Choice, S&P and then you can get zesty with some complimentary flavors post-cook. A browned butter infused with garlic and herbs? Excellent. Blue cheese crumbles? I’m very in. A spicy chimichurri? Works great.

USDA Select or “unlabeled” need all the help they can get, and I endorse marinades, dry rubs, sauces, what have you.


Mmmm…loves me some ribeye. We (my wife actually, I’m banned from the kitchen) always cook them to perfection via sous vide, then give it a nice sear on the grill.


I prefer choice NY strips but I love a great ribeye. I did some meal prep tonight with one. Only s&p, cooked medium rare then sliced paper thin so I can eat it cold on some crusty bread.


T-bones and porterhouse are my favorite but they weren’t on sale…:slight_smile:


Whatever my dad uses for steak tartare




Is this some new kind of protein/amino supplement? Is it for bulking or cutting? Is it for post workout recovery? Asking for a friend


I think its the most important forgotten about substance you can put into your body…:slight_smile: