Flavoring Question

The trend withing the Industry seems to be both candy as well as Bomb Pop flavors…which made me wonder…Is there a Wizard that every company goes to that formulates the flavoring for everyone. You know how the apparel industry seems to introduce similar patterns? (You don’t? Well I noticed it)…

I picture some guy behind a curtain that provides the ‘formula’ for certain flavors to the folks in the Industry

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Most flavors are commissioned out of “flavor houses” instead of being made in house.

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Manufacturing companies offer their own (shitty) flavorings, which is why the occasional small upstart supp company tastes identical to another, they’re using the same manufacturer and both using the in-house flavoring systems.

Bigger companies with more dosh to blow outsource to other companies who specialize in flavorings and have those shipped to the manufacturer. As demonstrated by many bigname brands, these still aren’t necessarily delicious.

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Thank you both…always been curious about that

I honestly don’t give a damn about flavors for any supplement except protein. It just needs to be drinkable since I really only use a pre workout and I ain’t sipping that fucker

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I can picture Shorts at a restaurant now…‘girl…I don’t care what you put on my chicken as long as I get enough protein’

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lol restaurant food better taste amazing :wink:

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Only exception there for me is BCAAs. I enjoy a decent tasting intraworkout. : )

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The last bcaa I used was given to me :slight_smile: was tasty though with my breakfast

Primeval IntraCell I look forward to drinking each workout…Peach Mango…outstanding

I mean I want my preworkout to taste great if I am shilling out a buck a serving.
I wish companies would do more simple formulas and focus on good flavor, I’m not saying underdose it, just stick to stuff you can flavor well unless it is really worth including.

A little off topic / very little / but personally the simpler the ingredients the better for me. A few ingredients, tastes palpable (waits while everyone looks up the word - that’s a joke)…and I’m good

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Ya, I would like to see a move toward cheaper per serving products that taste good, rather the the current “Mega dose everything” trend.

My concern…maybe concern is too strong of a word…but the ‘let’s throw every conceivable product we have heard of’ in there just doesn’t site well with me…and has an adverse effect on my workout

I a proper dosed pwo will cost higher than that at regular retail. I would rather had effective ingredients but overall, flavoring has come a long way and should overcome almost any formula.

My thought is making a basic cheap preworkout for 50 cents, sell it as a 60 serving container at 30$. It doesn’t need to have allot of stuff, just a few worth while ingredients.

I like pres with less ingredients as well as long as they’re the right ones with full dosages

I have a way better workout from Quake and C4 Ultimate for example as opposed to OG DMHA Total War and Kraken. I have 3 tubs of these just sitting there. I get this crash feeling with these and my workouts just aren’t as good with them.


Ya, companies overdid DMHA imo.

Quake, Pre-Kaged, and Nutrabio’s offerings are still probably my favorites. Exotic stims are fine but they don’t make me feel or perform THAT much better.