Five Ways to Fix the Supplement Awards

Before we begin, I’d like you to click here. The above link goes to a popular thread on our Facebook feed. No doubt we egged the conversation on with the picture, but clearly, a nerve was struck with our small but well-educated Facebook followers.[1] Right off the bat, I need …
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I agree BodyBuilding has been going to corporate and One major thing i dislike well two, is that they dont give options to users to really chose what brands they want when giving out awards. Why do you have to chose between products that is already given example Muscle Pharm, Syntha 6 & Gold Standard are always being put over. Two Some of the Reps on the Site forum are horrible, they give you really bad discredited information on Supps

I think maybe they shouldn't nominate based on their sales but rather allow an open period of time where they ask their registered users, through their account, to nominate products that are not from a list. Then after the nomination period put those products on a list and have it voted for as the people's choice supplement awards.

I feel a major issue is the aspect of popularity. The winner shouldn't be the product most experienced by customers, than it's a winner of marketing or hearsay. Sure, I'd like to see what product of each category is admired the greatest. However, this does not weed out fanboys or those that have no ability to compare the products in the first place. Sure, personal subjectivity will always reign, but there's a difference determined by which product is perceived greatest and which is actually superior to the rest. The points you made about the weight of each vote-in respect to historical purchases- is brilliant in avoiding this bias. There's also subjective perception of what each category should entail. Though on that note, it seems one that has experienced most variety can contribute greatest

Mike - excellent job articulating some of the flaws in the awards. I'd be interested to know how much winning an award contributes to increased sales the following year. I imagine that winning "Pre-workout of the year" generates a bit more sales than winning "Best packaging of the year". I wonder if there is a way to gauge consumer confidence in these awards every year as the selection seems to get worse and worse.