First non propietary blend pre from Argentina

Hey guys.

Sharing some info from my homeland.

Price: $9.35 US Dollars

30 servings (9.5 grams per serving)

Vitamine Complex

Ascorbic Acid 100mg
Cholini Bitartate 100mg
Pyridoxine 6.5mg
Cyanocobalamin 12mcg

Active ingredients

Betaine Anhydrous 1500mg
Beta Alanine 1500mg
L-Citruline Malate (does not show ratio) 1000mg
Guaraná Extract (20% caffeine) 500mg
Taurine 400mg
L-Tyrosine 400mg
Caffeine Anhydrous 160mg
Calcium Silicate 100mg (idk the purpose of this)
Cocoa Extract (6% Theobromine) 100mg

Optimizing Absorption Complex

Citric Acid 500mg
Malic Acid 500mg (maybe the ratio of CM is 1:1)
Sodium Bicarbonate 100mg

So here is the first argentinian formula of a pre workout that I have ever considered “regular”.

Any opinions?

Full link:

Funny fact: the company, “Star Nutrition” does not show the formula in their website. I had to ask to the online vendor to post a photo of the formula lol.

I do not know if the formula actually has what it says, since the supplement market here is very lackluster.

Looks kinda bland for our standards.

Tyrosine is okay; caffeine might be lacking; some Betaine and beta alanine is better than none.

Just under-dosed in a lot of ways, without any “attention” grabbing ingredients. That’s just my opinion. Sorry if it sounds harsh. : /

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Honestly it’s pretty much what I would have expected knowing what little I do about the supplement market outside of the US and AUS.

It’s still better than anything Insane Labz makes :wink:

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Not harsh at all man. I actually believe that the argentinian supplement industry is crap.

It’s a huge potential business.

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Are there legal restrictions on the amount of specific ingredients that can be included? I’m asking because I truly don’t know.

No that I know, maybe they limit themselves in terms of quality shamely.

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