Feedback on if you think this is an "AMINO SPIKED" protein powder!

Feedback on if you think this is an "AMINO SPIKED" protein powder!


Hey everyone,

Just wanted some feedback on what you guys think of this protein powder?

I was recommended it however to me its showing all the signs of being amino spiked and does not contain the amount of protein the brand is suggesting it does.

Panel can be found on the below link;

Of particular relevance is the following;

. The addition of the non-essential amino acids and essential amino acid amounts = 26g, not 32g

. The addition of glycine and alanine (two common ingredients companies use to increase nitrogen content which is how protein is measured)

. The fact glycine is listed in the ingredients panel higher than the BCAA’S which indicates it’s more prominent in this product than the ingredients listed below it.

Any feedback would be great!


It’s also this companies “home brand” product meaning they have made it and have the highest gross profit on this line than any other.


Yes. They at least give you the amino acid profile… but the biggest red flag is that leucine is only 7.6% of the total protein content (2.46g out of 32.2g). In a higher quality protein it’d be over 10%.

This is a huge red flag.

Would want this stuff to be like 40% cheaper than the next non-spiked option


That’s a great point. I didn’t even think to look at the leucine percentage!

I also know the cost price or price it cost for the company to purchase/make this product is $20 - $25 for 1kg depending on flavour.

It retails for $59.95. Which shows just how much money / profit they make off a tub.

Another red flag?


Walk away from this


Jesus, they’re getting robbed. I as a consumer don’t even pay $20/kg for protein.


Haha sorry mate. Should have been more clear. This is in Australian $$$


Oh, yeah, I hear everything is wildly expensive over there.
My mistake.