FDA issues warning letters regarding DMHA and phenibut

FDA issues warning letters regarding DMHA and phenibut

The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a whole bunch of warning letters this month regarding misbranded and adultered dietary supplements. Letters have been sent out by the administration to over ten different companies including the likes of Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and eFlow Nutrition.

The reason behind most of the brands receiving the warnings is that they have a product or products containing 2-aminoisoheptane better known as DMHA. While the majority of the letters are related to DMHA, there are a few for supplements using beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutyric acid also known as phenibut.

The other brands that have been sent warning letters outside of [Hi-Tech and eFlow are NeuroScience, Evol Nutrition, Forbidden Labz, Total Body Nutrition, Down To Earth Solutions, Line One, Iron Brother Supplements, and Metabolic Nutrition regarding Synedrex and E.S.P. Extreme.



Ohhhhhhhhh lord, here we go!


So is DMHA officially banned or what’s the deal?


My takeaway right now is… Make sure it is what you say it is and we won’t come after you. Am I off?


From what I’ve gathered so far, it’s specifically the synthetic version, so not J.Regia or the such? Correct me if I’m wrong. I’ve only read a little into this as of now


Subbing. Hoping j Regia stays

I need it rn in my life at Berkeley more than ever


I personally have no clue. I thought all forms were fair play


I really don’t use either ingredient


DMHA was fun and effective for me in a couple products, but I can live without that, not a deal breaker. However, my most effective sleep aids contain Phenibut, so this could be a bummer!


all other brands named i’m sure are hoping for HTP to fight this legally


We’ll see. It’s most definitely found in nature so I’m betting they’re going after the synthetic version given so many products didn’t actually contain it, but had DMAA instead.


Unrelated or maybe related… just saw Olympus Labs took down bloodshr3d BLack magic and I am supr3me black magic off of their website ???

Is dmha really going away


I haven’t checked, but I do know they’ve been going through some changes to the website. If it is, then so be it, but I think it’ll be for the better that we all stop relying on the heavy stimulants for a while. I can see why they’re going after phenibut though. It’s not natural…at all, and is a Russian prescription drug. I’ve also dealt with quiteeeee a LOT of people dependent on it, and the withdrawals are way too similar to Xanax


This is why its BOGO on a certain retailer. Grab it while ya can.

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Agreed on all counts.