Fat burner opinion

Hey guys!

I’ve looking for a comprehensive decaffeinated diet aid.

A good appetite suppressant focus would be great.

I’m currently between two options:

ASC Caliente

Morphogen Morphoburn

If you guys have any suggestions that would be great. I do not mind spending for top tier products.

My stack would be Superhuman pre + Cortibloc + decaffeinated diet aid.

Any suggestions? I’m trying to do a body recomp.

If going non stim, I’d personally argue that you’re better off with a GDA

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Maybe I could add that to the stack. But I do want to take a decaffeinated diet aid as well.

In terms of GDA I heard good reviews here about Glucosatrol. Do you have any suggestions?


Absolutely love it, that’s what I’m using right now


Glucasatrol is tough to beat with its profile
You can grab off their page and use Bob15 for your order

I’ll tag the owner for ya too @KetoDiesel


If you’re looking for a non stimulant then I would always choose a glucose disposal agent product that has all sorts of benefits.

Glucosatrol is so multifaceted. All the ways you can use it:

1 - the obvious pre big carb meal
2 - pre workout alone or with your pre w/o meal
3 - pre post workout meal.
4 - for us keto people we also take it to help speed up re entry into ketosis post carb up, carb meal etc.
5 - daily use for its overall health promoting properties, pro insulin sensitivity properties, potential fat loss abilities.

The feedback is so awesome we get, random emails from all walks of life. Keto people, big non keto muscle dudes, fitness females and even the random overweight woman who enjoy the product.

Then I get random emails “is it normal to use this stuff and hardly gain any scale weight after a cheat meal which usually ads 3 to 5lbs next morning”. Or dont feel like crap after. … they are always perplexed but I pretty much tell them it’s a common type of feedback we get.

It’s that one product that people routinely buy a few at a time, one guy bought 6 last week, a woman bought 4…always better to be prepared :slight_smile:


I’m that guy who buys 3 at a time too
Guilty as charged

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Great info as always!


Here’s one to take a look at

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