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We are 6+ months in to the pandemic and wondering how everyone has adjusted their fitness routines? Still getting to the gym or hitting the at home workouts still? What has kept you motivated?

Winner at the end of the week for a case of 12oz C4!

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Gyms are still closed here in CA.

My “fitness” is now dog walks in the morning and inclined treadmill walking at night to catch up on YouTube videos and news.


Just started a new program courtesy of a fellow team member after newly joining the powerlifting team.

Not too sure what’s going on here with gyms in PA, but my little back alley gym never shut down so I’m extremely lucky. Also open for guests in case anyone is in the Irwin area for any reason.

I’ve really gotten my parents into fitness during the pandemic, and our squat rack has finally arrived, so I’m putting together some workouts for them. Never too late to start lifting.

Best of luck to everyone entering!


Well let’s see. Right before pandemic hit in early March I got divorced so it freed up some space in my house. I then spent April till July building a home gym with things on backorder. It’s now awesome. But alas I travel for work. So when I am in the burgh I do my gym and on the road hopefully a state with an open gym

I am now doing all the John Meadows workouts in order he created them. Currently doing 12 weeks of pain and suffering and after week 1 yeah the name matches the feeling.

Covid be damned my gains won’t stop


I love my C4. Just in here supporting.
I just bought 2 more cases of Smart Energy Freedom and Peach


I stay motivated by… looking good at my advanced age.

Space mountain is the oldest ride in the park, and also has the longest line.


Tore my distal bicep tendon
Had surgery
On road to recovery so I can lift again

Fun times


ouch bro… recover well… sorry to hear that!!

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RIP my broham

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Good news is should be able to start lifting again mid October. Half way through physical therapy.


Been working hard with resistance bands at home. Working in physical therapy made sure I have plenty of creative ideas to work myself with them, lol. I can help out anyone in a similar boat too, but I feel like most of y’all on this forum have either returned to the gym or have actual equipment at home.

My motivation is that I’m fine with being fat as long as I’m also muscular, but I was starting to not be muscular. Bearmode is fine, a thicc dadbod is fine, but just being flabby makes me feel bad about myself.

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Mixed grip deadlifts, or moving a washer/dryer? :smile:

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@burntreality. Plenty of time to get huge for Halloween :slight_smile:


Or just cut the arm off and go as Bucky from Marvel


@burntreality has more of a spiderman physique


Been doing more home workouts but currently messed up my nerve in my shoulder at work so on light duty. Just this motivates me to get back in it when I am healed and gain the muscle I have lost.

Back at the gym since beginning of June here in MI. Motivation is definitely trying to get back to pre quarantine shape and get strength back

Haters gonna hate :cry:

My home gym is still great. Currently on the road in Utah and gyms are open here! Rock on


Winner soon!