~Ergogenix just hit 50% off on Bodybuilding.com~

~Ergogenix just hit 50% off on Bodybuilding.com~
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Just add to cart and discount auto applied.



Did BB.com own them at one point or something?


nah, i don’t think there was ever ownership. From what i understand it was more of a deep strategic partnership based on relationships at the time to help grow the brand. Unfortunately this looks to be one of those cases where you can lead a horse to water but cant make it drink :pensive:. Just another “Me Too Brand” that had no real differentiation.


this a sign they’re going out of business? 50% off the entire line usually signals that…


Based on some other “overstock sale” items, I believe this could also mean BB.com will no longer be carrying the brand after it’s sold out. I’m mostly positive this is the case with Xtreme Formulations at BB.com.


No. They sell on Amazon now and direct.