EpiBURN Pro Analysis – What You Need to Know! (USPLabs)

EpiBURN Pro Analysis – What You Need to Know! (USPLabs)

The long-awaited EpiBURN Pro is available! In this post you can read our full ingredient analysis, compare prices from all stores, and get deal alerts! Big news for everyone who was a big fan of the OxyELITE Pro series of fat burners! USPLabs has launched their next generation thermogenic weight …
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Took it for 15 days. Nothing happened and my appetite is the same.

Could you stack with the new PES Shift which is bitter orange?

That's actually a fantastic idea for a low-caffeine stack. Biggest question is if your stomach could handle the double-dose of forskolin - not sure of total dose there since it's a prop blend here, but I've never had a problem with the ingredient personally.