Enhanced Athlete Raided By FDA | SARMS & DNP

Enhanced Athlete Raided By FDA | SARMS & DNP



Well you guys do talk about prohormones quite a bit.

In the case of companies selling sarms I highly doubt they could reasonably argue that the(in some cases) human sized capsule they sell are for testing on lab rats. I agree steroids should be legal but I am hugely not a fan of these grey area companies.

As for DNP I am somewhat tempted to write up something on it because of all of the people getting themselves killed by being idiots and taking 8 capsules after they “didn’t feel it”.

I am interested in the pharmacology behind it given how much variance there seems to be on its effects. but long story short don’t become another news story if you really must take it.

Actually on a side note blackstone labs released a somewhat interesting product Trojan horse, which seems to work in a somewhat similar way, though to my understanding the wasted energy is used to convert the pyruvate into malate instead of heat like dnp is. Which assuming I’m understanding it correctly is allot safer.
For the price conscious out there, yes you can just buy the ingredients separately and make it yourself, and yes the HCA is actuly doing stuff in the mixture.


From what I understand, this is quite a horrific way to die too. Literally you feel on fire or worse


Not quite but it is a horribly intense heat, treatment involves ice baths and enemas until it clears out.

Also in the event someone reading this does need to go to the hospital because of overdose, you need to tell them, it can be misdiagnosed as a allot of different things.