Enhanced Athlete is back!

Holy shit! I cant wait to see more of the products he pushes out. The ones he is pushing out in days are a sleep formula, pump, pre and eaa/bcaa, I think I may try them all.

This brand?



Yep that same one Doug and I could name a couple other idiots that have been in trouble for misbranding and marketing. Don’t sell or market a supplement that it’s not and if it’s illegal and you do do this, this is what happens. This subject has been beaten to death. I like this Company as does many others and as far as SARMS are concerned they are not illegal and the FDA can say all they want on how harmful they are because they make money from big Pharma and the FDA does not want people researching their own products or drugs because it is taking money from big Pharma and SARMS work. And I’ll end with this. If you play a pro sport dont take supplements or research products to enhance your body…period and for those who are blaming the supplement or research chemical, go to hell, its not the drugs fault. This is only my two cents.

No love lost for anyone who knowingly sells DNP. Arguably the most dangerous ingredient out there.


I have always liked Tony and Trevor. They may be radical but they are very knowledgeable on PED’s, supplements, diet, etc. They do real world studies and share this with their followers. As for their products, second to none for sure. They don’t sell hype or BS. I have used a lot of Tony’s stuff in the past and its legit, it works!

I have to agree. Even though they were associated with a lot of illegal shenanigans (although outside of the US, not illegal, would like to point that out) they have always put out decent products. They aren’t meant for everyone obviously, but the demographic they shoot for, enjoy it quite a lot. Doesn’t mean I support the sales of DNP, because I believe the VAST majority of people are too ignorant to even understand how these things work

No product put out by Enhanced Athlete is backed by testing. Tony’s direct answer (because I looked into this for my Sarmageddon video and spoke directly with Andrew at SuperTraining) was that the side effects will match the drug*. This is a backwards way to look at proving identity of ingredients and utterly despicable when it comes to ingredients directly affecting the way your endocrine system functions.

*You’ll notice I used the word DRUG here. I am in no way saying SARMs, Prohormones, Steroids, PEDs do not work or are unproportionately safe as compared to traditional PEDs. SARMs (the main topic with EA) are NOT dietary supplements, DO NOT BELONG IN SUPP STORES AS PER DSHEA, and should be treated with great respect when being used.

@rye you can say what you want about SARMs and the FDA but Watson Testosterone Cypionate is produced in an FDA registered clean facility. You can absolutely 100% not guarantee the same for these products you’re talking about. You can’t even guarantee the IDENTITY of these products to be accurate to the label claim.

I’m a huge fan of GW, YK, LGD, hell I’ve mentioned that I love MK-677 as a compound. However to believe that these powders or finished products are accurate is naive and sad.


Phamra MK-677 (prescription) is incredible for people with lower gh output. Worked great for me.


Absolutely bro. My uh, lab rat experienced some serious tingling in its fingers and some of the best sleep of its life!

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Full transparency - my doctor prescribed it to me once and it really was amazing (stopped taking it for reasons I won’t get into, but no negative heath effects whatsoever). Sleep improvement, recovery improvement, etc…

I have lower growth hormone output, so it was very beneficial.

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Very interesting.

Was it as simple as blood test- prescription? Is the range for growth hormone output wide?

Here in jersey doctors are not very liberal with the type of stuff

Yes sir. I think you have to find a modern minded endo. Common sense would say that naturally maxed out hgh production is not only healthy, but improves longevity.