DVST8 White Cut: You Ready for Pre Workout DEVASTATION?

DVST8 White Cut: You Ready for Pre Workout DEVASTATION?


2015 was a breakout year pre workouts with several knockout additions to the field. Among those was the original DVST8 from Inspired Nutraceuticals. However, the FDA gave us lemons with one of the ingredients, so Inspired Nutra made lemonade with an even better version of this exceptional pre workout! Stack3d …
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I have tried the original peach flavor with mixed results, energy and focus was ok but nothing exceptional or extraordinary. It was a hit and miss, I was sold by the impressive profile, but honestly man sports gameday runs circles over this when it comes to DMHA preworkouts...


What percentage did you use for Caffeine Citrate because I've read it's 67% caffeine which equates out to 308.5mg at two scoops.


I calculated it using molar masses. Caffeine's molar mass is

194.19 g/mol while caffeine citrate's is

386.314 g/mol, leading us to believe caffeine citrate contains ~50% caffeine.

Could be wrong if there's a 2:1 ratio or the reaction loses a bunch of atoms though... do you get 67% from any reliable sources?

Otherwise may have to contact the raw materials people themselves...


I obtained that percentage from SuppWithThat.com