Duracap Labs Owners INDICTED on Steroid Charges (John Wesley Houser, Beny Mesika)

Duracap Labs Owners INDICTED on Steroid Charges (John Wesley Houser, Beny Mesika)


On June 21, 2016, a Federal Grand Jury in Georgia issued an indictment against Beny Mesika and John Wesley Houser IV, the founders and co-owners of Duracap Labs, a popular supplement contract manufacturer. Joseph De Melo was also charged with one count. They have been indicted in The US District …
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you'd be amazed what other products duracap mfg.


Do tell...


This is bad news for some, but not for honest brands. New ingredients like SARMs and other non DSHEA dietary ingredients pop up all the time. When you own a brand, it's easy to jump in and make a quick buck off of them, it's called greed. The profit margin on SARMs is off the F'in charts. Also many steroid powders and amphetamines are inexpensive making it even lucrative to sneak them into supps. It takes discipline and a long term commitment toward integrity, consumer safety and product efficacy to keep away from the get rich quick schemes.

I can tell from 15 years in the supplement manufacturing sector, that management that doesn’t care about sneaking banned or non-allowed dietary ingredients into products usually doesn’t care much about overall manufacturing quality practices either. Equipment/line clean down and sanitation between product runs, along with prevention of cross contamination are expensive practices and are usually the first quality controls to be abandoned when greed sets in. let's hope that honest brands being manufactured in these types of facilities don’t get caught up in the mess by having unknowingly contaminated products on the market.

Jon Jones should check to see if he was taking any products manufactured in these facilities.


It is public knowledge according to PJ Braun that Duracaps manufactures some of Blackstone labs products as well as Prime nutrition and according to a lab test provided by John Meadows, it failed to meet label claim on the two tests he paid for.