Donut Flavored Protein? 🍩 | MAN Sports Iso-Protein Review

Donut Flavored Protein? 🍩 | MAN Sports Iso-Protein Review

Sounds good. Would be into trying the Loopy Fruits flavor.


It wouldn’t take much to taste better than that Ghost cereal milk. I was in the minority but there are a few of us around, that did not like the taste of that. It tasted nothing like any cereal I ever had. Will never buy again. So far, Dymatize peanut butter is the best tasting protein I ever had.


MAN Sports also has a complete protein, peanut butter bits flavor. I am curious on that since I love peanut butter. I am hoping that price comes down so I can give it a try.


Right there with you. Cereal Milk Ghost whey tasted more so as Vanilla to me. Maybe I got a bad batch - but I wasn’t a fan.

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Cereal milk tastes exactly like the milk of captain crunch. I personally love it. If you don’t like captain crunch then that would make sense.


Ghost Cereal Milk is the most polarizing flavor I’ve ever seen. For that alone Ghost deserves a nod.

I’m definitely on team Cereal Milk though!


It’s really good, you wouldn’t be disappointed

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Did you order the new Peppermint Bark and SnickerDoodle?
I did


I loved Captain Crunch but that stuff tasted nothing like any Captain Crunch I ever had. They failed on that big time.

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I love it, and can’t wait for the new flavors Just ordered them.

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I heard those are going to be delicious


does priceplow order or purchase supplements? :slight_smile:


Valid point. But I don’t know.


Both! We’re pretty careful about saying when it’s been what


Oh man. Got my ManSports ISO-Protein in yesterday (Sprinkled Donut and Loopy Fruit).

Both are phenomenal but Loopy Fruit is a game changer in terms of how a whey protein can be flavored. Loopy Fruit gets a 10/10 for its taste/texture and the fact that it’s an isolate. Tastes and smells like a 50/50 split of Fruit Loops and Trix cereals.


Where did you find it ? I can’t find the new flavors anywhere ?


I bought them off of their website myself


Yall are gonna think I’m nuts, but that Loopy Froots flavor even tastes awesome in coffee. It’s the weirdest but awesomest coffee I’ve had in a while.

I mix with a dash of heavy cream and coconut oil to get it to not clump as much, but I like my fats anyway.


Does the loopy fruit taste just like MSI Apple Jacked Lean Whey?


I’ve yet to try the Apple Jack Lean whey, but I can say this would likely get pushed into my top 3 flavors. We’ll see if it gets old after a few weeks, but I doubt it.

I have to cycle protein flavors between: chocolates, peanut butter, cookies and cream, cinnamon and a “creative flavor.” Loopy Fruit and Donut are definelty some of the most creative flavors I have ever tried.