Donut Flavored Protein? 🍩 | MAN Sports Iso-Protein Review

Donut Flavored Protein? 🍩 | MAN Sports Iso-Protein Review



Awesome review, guys! Glad Black Friday was here when I saw this. Makes the purchase I made for both flavors seem worth it. Although, the ManSports 30% discount definitely helped. Even still, dropping $80 on 60 servings of isolate, could end up giving me nightmares.


The Froot Loops flavor is more like TRIX to me. I was once a cereal aficionado in childhood!

The sprinkle donut flavor is great in coffee, but doesn’t mix well in it. But I still love it there.

Overall a great, unique isolate product. MAN’s been doing awesome things


Picked up some fruity loops, I prefer Trix over Fruit Loops as it is


I hope it tastes better than their Game Day sour batch flavor. That was terrible! Nothing even resembling any sour patch candy at all in that. It is an effective product but a nasty tasting one…LOL


Wish those tubs were not like $40. Crazy for an isolate.


Hoping prices will drop as more stores get it. Right now M&S seems to have the retail exclusive, maybe only a few others for now. It’ll hopefully get out there more!


Yeah. I mean at that price it better taste better then ghost. But I doubt that.


tried multiple times…coupon never applied, even with my purchase being over 40.00 before tax


I think the code expired Saturday night.

Hopefully as more online sites get Man Sports products, we can try them at lower cost. I’ll throw up my opinion once my order arrives this week and I try them.

Otherwise, we just have to wait until Muscle and Strength gets the new lineup of flavors. : (


This was all on black friday and saturday morning. Messaged them with no response


Sounds good. Would be into trying the Loopy Fruits flavor.


It wouldn’t take much to taste better than that Ghost cereal milk. I was in the minority but there are a few of us around, that did not like the taste of that. It tasted nothing like any cereal I ever had. Will never buy again. So far, Dymatize peanut butter is the best tasting protein I ever had.


MAN Sports also has a complete protein, peanut butter bits flavor. I am curious on that since I love peanut butter. I am hoping that price comes down so I can give it a try.


Right there with you. Cereal Milk Ghost whey tasted more so as Vanilla to me. Maybe I got a bad batch - but I wasn’t a fan.


Cereal milk tastes exactly like the milk of captain crunch. I personally love it. If you don’t like captain crunch then that would make sense.


Ghost Cereal Milk is the most polarizing flavor I’ve ever seen. For that alone Ghost deserves a nod.

I’m definitely on team Cereal Milk though!


It’s really good, you wouldn’t be disappointed


Did you order the new Peppermint Bark and SnickerDoodle?
I did


I loved Captain Crunch but that stuff tasted nothing like any Captain Crunch I ever had. They failed on that big time.