Diet Plan Explained | ⚠ LONG NUTRITION RANT

Diet Plan Explained | ⚠ LONG NUTRITION RANT



Good video CJ! People need to remember that the total caloric intake will always be king when it comes to fat loss and other hormonal responses.


Way to keep it real about supplements. This is one of my biggest pet peeves, a lot of people, especially newbies want to jump on the latest supplement craze and think that is the key to muscle growth and progress. Supplements are supplemental to our diet. DIET comes first. I see people talking about or posting on Facebook all the supplements they bought and Im talking hundreds of dollars worth of supps I have seen. That money would have been better off being spent on food. Food is the most anabolic thing you can put in your body.


Amen. Supplements are fun, but they make maybe 5% of results, at most. I give them 5% credit, because a good preworkout can definitely help people go from an unmotivated half-*** workout, to a great one. Whey protein is great too - but most supplements are just food direvatives. Lol. It makes me laugh.

Oh well - I get just as excited about new supplements and protein bars as others do!


I mean, everyone loves a fun new toy. :wink:


It blows my mind how much people would rather invest in pills and powders instead of whole foods. Supplements are meant to supplement your diet and training plan, not be the foundation. makes me wonder when i see people drop thousands on supp stacks around BF/CM Sales.

Good video.


Yup. Some people need the “outlet.” It’s fun to look forward to trying out and testing new supplements. As long as we view it from the lens of “supplementing” and not as a necessity to meet goals, then i think it’s okay to have some fun with supps.

If someone has the money to spend a ton - go for it. Over-supplementation is definitely a real problem, though. Multivitamin, Greens-products/digestive enzymes, essential fats…if we don’t eat those hints through our diet or get enough of them, then supplementing is great (salmon is very expensive compared to a jar of omega-3s and omega-6s).

What I have a real problem with is undereducated individuals being able to access SARMs and prohormones (some of which are basically oral roids) and not warned of the dangers associated with them, other than a label disclaimer.

Natural is better. I look better and feel better after cutting my supps over the years. After time passes, we learn that diet and hard work in the gym are the common denominators.