DF -- Blue Star Nutraceuticals AminoFast Shred Review

DF -- Blue Star Nutraceuticals AminoFast Shred Review

To begin, this review is made possible because of @Adidasshorts. Thank you for running the contest here on the forum and sending out the full tub plus a shaker for my use. While I have not used this product yet, I wanted to get the review thread started with some initial information and thoughts based on first impressions.

The package arrived yesterday afternoon, unfortunately after I had already left for the gym, so I couldn’t use it during my workout yesterday as I had hoped. I chose to go with the Gummy Bear flavor from the Shred series. Here is the supplement facts panel:

The highlights for me is the 6g of 2:1:1 BCAAs compared to others that may only have the standard 5g per scoop. The one I am currently using only has 4g for reference. We also have 3g of glutamine which Blue Star says "L-Glutamine improves BCAA delivery to your working muscles. Performance-wise, this means less muscle breakdown, and better recovery. But it also means your old sports drink (which is very likely missing L-Glutamine) is no longer wasting your time, energy, and money. "

We then have coconut water powder for hydration and electrolytes, vitamins and minerals. Plus some pink salt to round out the full spectrum of electrolytes. I also see taurine listed on the label but no amount is given, not sure if that is a mistake on the label from Blue Star since all the other ingredients in that complex have their amounts listed. The other two ingredients in that complex are to assist with fat burning during the workout or throughout the day. The final complex includes ingredients to help the body absorb all the actives so they just don’t go to waste while drinking them. We have some well-known ones such as BioPerine and AstraGin along with others that I have not personally seen used before.

As for the tub of the product, it arrives around 70% to 75% full and the scoop was relatively towards the top:

I then measured out a scoop just to check accuracy based on the 18g serving size listed on the label and a level scoop was spot on (while my scoop doesn’t look level in the photo, it was after I smoothed it over):

My first use will be on Sunday during my leg focused full body workout. Another bit of information I will include to end this first post is each tub of the Shred series includes 40 servings versus some others on the market that only have 20 to 30 servings per container.


Just a quick check-in after my first use of AminoFast today.

Last meal the night before was at 12:30am and the workout started at 1:30pm. Pre-workout was @Buildfastformula FullBlitz with 7g of pink salt added. The workout was a leg focused full body workout that lasted about two hours. Started drinking my scoop of AminoFast about an hour into the workout.

Flavor was nice and fruity (as you would expect from a gummy bear flavor) when mixed into 16oz-20oz of water using a metal shaker with ice. Since my shaker is black, I couldn’t see too much in regards to mixability but nothing appeared out of the ordinary. A few particles could be seen on the sides of the shaker but that’s it. Taste was smooth throughout the entire scoop with no grittiness or bad aftertaste. No side effects while consuming during the second half of my workout and no side effects experienced so far after the workout. Also nothing specific to report in terms of benefits noticed at the moment.

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We appreciate your feedback thus far - thank you!

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Hi Devin, thank you for getting this up! Just getting back from vac so I’ll be using this exact same product/flavor all week. Very interested in your thoughts as you use it.

This formula is near and dear to my heart. I’ll get into it more another time but we are looking forward to your feedback!

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Used it for the second time today during my back focused full body workout. Increased the water amount to 20-24 ounces and flavor was still delicious. Very little change in the strength of the flavor with the added water, which is a positive for me because I drink a lot of water during training.

Was used in conjunction with Pre-Kaged and 7g of pink salt and the two hour workout seemed to fly by. High intensity and no cramping or decrease in energy. Pump stayed around the entire workout and still feeling good post workout. Nothing negative to report after the second use.

Another scoop used today for my shoulders/chest focused full body workout. AminoFast is treating me well and still enjoying the flavor. Recovery the next morning after workouts seems to be slightly improved as well. Not sure if that can be contributed to AminoFast or not but I will take it anyways!

The only negative I have to report is the use of the artificial colors in the formula but with a flavor name of gummy bear, most of the general public is probably expecting something colorful when a scoop of this is mixed up.

I somehow missed the Taurine note. There is 3g of Taurine in this formula. My tub shows this. I am not sure why yours doesn’t, could just be US vs Canada labeling.

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Some clarification on my end. The tub does list the amount. It’s just the label I pulled from the website that doesn’t have it.

Just wanted to swing back around after a few more uses of AminoFast. Everything has been wonderful with this product. No negative reactions or feelings from any serving that I have used. Perfect for those who have extra long workouts, are into marathon type training and/or typically don’t eat a meal before training.

Another bonus for me is with 40 servings per tub and training three times a week, this product will last me over three months.

Thank you again to @Adidasshorts for running the contest and sending me out this tub. I am going to love it until the final scoop.