Deal on DMAA solution

Hello I’m not sure if this type of deal is ok to post on the forum, so I apologize if this supplement isn’t allowed here. On they have dmaa solution 100mg/ml @ 30ml for $20. I’m no expert on pricing of this supplement, but given the scarcity of it it seems like a good price.

I’m skeptical, i doubt it’s real DMAA

Yea I wasn’t super sure either, but the website seems to have a lot of people saying it’s legit. I did end up getting a bottle of it, and I plan on testing it out today.

Getting DMAA into the country and manufacturing it doesn’t seem like it’d be impossible. It’s got a distinct feeling vs. DMHA / AMP Citrate.

Letting it cross state lines is where these guys are opening the door to FDA. Either way, let us know what happens @dmh09

This is actually the month Hi-Tech was going to be summoned to court, gotta check those dockets

I used the DMAA solution yesterday and today, and I was very happy with the results. I think it is the real thing. Also I did do a decent amount of research on the website before purchasing and reviews on other products they have are very positive. As far as the state line thing at least for my order it was shipped from California to California, so I’m not sure what they do about that issue otherwise.

It’s marketed as only for research purposes, allowing them to avoid the legal issues I believe

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Good to hear it’s legit