DaSlaya vs NutraBio EAA Energy

DaSlaya vs NutraBio EAA Energy

Received this last weekend, so a big thank you to @Kon_Rock and the NutraBio crew! I am going to start my 5 sample run of EAA Energy tomorrow, so will post up my thoughts as I go along and then give you a final review. Cheers and I always appreciate these giveaways.


Glad you got everything and Looking forward to it!!

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Just wanted to lay out how I am going to test the 5 doses, going to mix it up and see which way I like it best (thats what she said)…sorry been watching The Office too much again!

Day 1 Today - Going to take 1 scoop in the afternoon for them afternoon blues/ recovery
Day 2 Saturday - Going to take Focus XT PWO / EAA Energy Intra
Day 3 Sunday - Stand alone in morning or afternoon, to gauge recovery during my rest day
Day 4 Monday - Going to take it PWO solo
Day 5 Tuesday - Maybe take a Pump Supp PWO and EAA Energy Intra

Looking forward to it!


Quick Update on last couple days:

1 scoop mid afternoon on Friday

This worked okay for me, as I did not sleep well the night before. For some reason this did not give me that big of an energy boost, so I was a little concerned.

Focus XT as a PWO / EAA Energy Intra on Saturday

This worked pretty well. Focus XT gave me that quick boost to get my morning workout going. Sipping on EAA Energy throughout my workout provided me with that nice steady energy throughout my 90 minutes in the gym. I did not get tired once and had some energy left over (not my normal I wanna go to bed feeling) after the gym.

Stand Alone on Rest Day Today

Wow, EAA Energy kicked in big time for me, I am not sure why the first dose on Friday did not do much for me, but now I feel full of energy and at the same time its nice to get my daily dose of BCAA/EAAs to recover before my next week of lifting kicks off tomorrow. So yeah really digging this as an afternoon boost plus recovery formula in one. So far this is my favorite method.

Taste: I requested and got the Raspberry Lemonade flavor. In 12oz of water the taste is strong, with some slight raspberry in it and a nice lemonade flavor on the back end. 16oz of water dilutes the taste a bit no matter how cold the water is. Either way it tastes spot on to a watered down cup of Raspberry Lemonade which is cool. Also it feels refreshing, and not that dry feeling in your mouth that lemonade typically leaves. So I am enjoying this flavor. However, I started my DragonFruit BCAA5k the other day, and its just so damn hard to beat that flavor…


Ok so final verdict here on my 5 sample of Raspberry Lemonade EAA Energy. First of all thank you @Kon_Rock and the kind folks @Nutrabio It is always appreciated.

How I used it and thoughts
Afternoon Energy/Recovery - I tend to always take at least 5g BCAAs in the middle of the afternoon. I also tend to get the afternoon blues since I wake up around 4am each day so I use a sugar free Energy Drink or a Nootropic to keep me focused and going. I found EAA Energy to be the answer to both those requirements. This gave me a nice energy boost up front, minor (but who wants a huge energy boost in their face in the middle of the day) and the energy spread throughout the course of about 2 hours or so which was nice. This also gave me that extra recovery I needed and in the short span I took this I had no DOMS or issues outside the usual. I will note that I did take one scoop of BCAA 5k during my workouts. Either way I truly liked this way the best.

Intra Workout combined Focus XT - This worked out really well too. I drank Focus XT to get that up front energy boost and focus to get in the gym and sipped on EAA Energy throughout my workout. This kept my energy levels going quite well and the energy levels last about an hour after my 90 minute workout. Not a bad combo here either.

I stopped with my experimenting there, I enjoyed taking this in the afternoon too much. So yeah as the name states, it does its job verbatim

Raspberry Lemonade - I varied water from 8oz to 16oz. It did not make much of a difference taste wise to me. It had a hint of Raspberry, and a strong Lemonade finish. Nice part was (as stated above) was lemonade always lingers after a sip and makes me cough at times, this never lingered. It was actually quite refreshing. It was an average flavor to me, but it had tough competition since I was drinking DragonFruit BCAA 5K same days, which is amazing. But good enough.

So overall I enjoyed this baby 5 tub sample, thanks again for sending it along with the samples which I will use when I am on the road in the coming weeks. Definitely keep this in mind if you are looking for an afternoon pick me up and do not want to grab an energy drink. Keep up the great work guys!


Thanks buddy, glad you enjoyed it. Love this Raspberry Lemonade flavor…mixed up with crushed ice…like good old fashion lemonade :smiley:

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oh yeah, that would be a great idea! I did love that old timey lemonade flavoring. Good stuff!

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Use those old tubs, fill em with powder from your bigger tubs, and you have convenient couple serving containers for your powders