DaSlaya Reviews UpSorb

DaSlaya Reviews UpSorb

Why I Bought This
I have tried Astragin (Astragin 200 by Nature Restore) in the past and enjoyed the added absorption to my current products. It would basically enhance PWOs and the like, and take mediocre products and make them almost useful. So when NutraBio came out with UpSorb I was naturally intrigued, since I am a huge fan of their products. So I decided to pick a bottle up and see how it would enhance my current stack!

Very straight forward, 50mg of Astragin and 5mg of Bioperine. Since NutraBio loves full disclosure, there is also some rice flour 195mg, and vegetable capsules. I at first thought well 50mg of Astragin may be low, since in the past I have had 200mg in one sitting, but I found that not to be the case. I really liked the addition of Bioperine here too, so the two absorption agents commonly found in all supplements (at least one of them will be) were combined. Also the pills are super small and easy to swallow.

I asked around this site first for advice on best time to take this. The last Astragin I took was once a day with food. After some advice on here from @thesolution and @Kon_Rock I decided to take this with my PWO and again at night with my sleep aid. The best way to break the effects down is to discuss how it enhanced the products, as this is an addition to your current stack.

Dymatize PWO: I was finishing this one up when I got my bottle, and by itself this was a great PWO that worked very well for me in the energy departent. I typically do not feel the beta alanine tingles anymore, as my body is fairly used to it, but once I took UpSorb with it, man those tingles became very prevalent. I found the energy hit me a little bit faster and I overall had more energy for my workout. Nothing else really stood out to me, but the addition of UpSorb did become obvious to me as I felt the BA more.

C4 Ultimate: Again, I used this by itself for a week and a half to see how it was by itself. I found this gave me great energy for the gym and much like Dymatize provided me with an overall nice workout. Once I added UpSorb to this, I actually had the pump effect increase. It was minor at best for me as a stand alone, but any time I did high reps with the combo it was great!

Machine Sleep Aid: This was okaay as a stand alone and used 3/4 of the tub before getting UpSorb. I would categorize this as an average sleep aid with a great taste (Fruit Punch) but nothing more than that. The combo here did increase how fast I would fall asleep and stay asleep. So this is a good example of an average working product that was increased in effectiveness for me. Unfortunately I did not log any differences in time asleep as I normally would, but I did sleep slightly longer as a combo.

Blade PM: If you read my log, you know I love this stuff! Best sleep aid I have ever had. I thought that a product that already works great for me would not work any better with UpSorb, but I was wrong. I swear after I take this combo, I am out like a light in 15 minutes, instead of the usual 30 minutes. I have had most nights where I would not even wake up once until that 4:15am alarm went off. Love it!

So yes overall UpSorb does provide some nice benefits, and seems to increase effectiveness a little differently based off the product used.

Best deal you can get is from NutraBio themselves. It is on sale for $11.99 (before s/h) for 60 capsules (30 days or longer dependent on usage). So a nice cheap addition to your stack.

Final Thoughts
No regrets here and yet again another product from NutraBio that I enjoy. I plan to keep this in my stack for a while, unless I found out that I end up building up a tolerance to it (not sure thats possible?). So UpSorb gets the DaSlaya stamp of approval, well done guys!


Great review!

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Should they just put this product into their preworkout and sleep supplements, so there’s be no need to buy a standalone product like this?

Asking for a friend, a friend once said.


It makes sense to me! Blade PM has both Bioperine and Astragin in it, likely a good reason it is so effective for me (nice absorption). The other 3 products I really could not find an absorption agent that stood out to me (granted if its not AstraGin or Bioperine I would not really notice). So patenting something like this and including, yeah that makes sense to me. Either way I enjoy having it around!

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I can see why some products may not want piperine in them. While it increases the absorption of a lot of things, it may distort the pharmacological effects / pharmacokinetic profile of certain ingredients. There’s an interesting study, admittedly in rats, showing that piperine distorts the effects/profile of rhodiola in regards to anti-depressant effects. While it improved the effect with lower doses of SHR-5 extract, it diminished the effect at higher doses. So for some ingredients, you likely can’t inherently just dose EVERY ingredient normally/optimally, just add in some piperine, and assume it’ll make everything more effective, or even that it won’t make some things less effective. If you KNOW the impact it’ll have on every ingredient in the formula, or I suppose the majority of the formula, then sure, but if there are a few to several ingredients that there’s no real research regarding the addition of piperine, then I can see why you may not want to add it to the product, as the ideal dose range may change from what it normally is, and if you have to use a lower dose than normal, you can end up having to try to “educate” people looking at the label as to why you’re using a lower dose, which can be a challenge itself.

I hope that makes some sense. :slight_smile:

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This is great thank you! It does make sense (at least now). I always appreciate that you do the deep dive of information, I got the basics down, so getting more advanced knowledge always helps. Thanks for the input!

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Glad I could help, and that I made some sense!

Nice review. I believe 50mg is pretty standard, actually. Important to note is that AstraGin only supports certain transporter proteins and not every single ingredient/nutrient

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This document mentions various doses ranging from 5 to 50mg, and their impact on increasing absorption of various things. 50mg/day seems to be their “standard” dose though:

As far as Piperine goes, 5-20mg per serving/day seems to be the standard and what’s researched.

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Great review man! Love the details and so glad you loved UpSorb! It’s such a solid product that goes with any stack.

Thanks for this​:grin::raised_hands:

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