DaSlaya Reviews Nutrabio Patriotic Flavors

I got a great deal on the new flavors from Nutrabio for the 4th of July sale. I was eager to see if NB stepped up their game on flavoring, and was pleasantly surprised. Here are my thoughts on the flavors, to help out those that may be on the fence.

Bombs Away WPI - This was delightful. Bear in mind I love anything Cherry flavored typically, from candy to protein. This had a pleasant smell to it reminding me of Cherry Candy. I know the flavor here is going for a Cherry Bomb pop. I have had this shake the most of the three flavors, and enjoyed every one. It was a nice cherry flavor, and I got a slight Bomb Pop taste to it. It was light on the flavor, which I mean it was not sweet which is great because I tend to not like sweet things. Yeah this one was delicious for a WPI.

Freedom Fetti Muscle Matrix - If you saw the priceplow video on this you will see it is a fan favorite. The smell wasn’t much worth talking about, but the taste was good. It had a nice sweet cake flavor to it on the front and the back-end and after taste gave me that butter flavor that reminds me of Icing. I can see why people love this one and being a protein blend, you can have more fun with the flavoring than in an isolate. As I said, I am not big into sweet things, so it was just a bit much for me to truly enjoy and call it the best one. It was very good though, and I would guess most people will love this the most of the three.

Miss American Pie WPI - Bye Bye Miss American Pie, put the…you know the rest. The song gets stuck in my head every time I read the label LOL. Again the smell is not worth mentioning, but whatever. This did taste close to an apple pie. I have never had an apple pie flavored protein, so that may have been enough to throw me off a bit. I got a nice cinnamon flavor from it actually, and that seemed more predominant on the front with an actual nice apple pie flavor on the back-end. The inclusive apple pieces were alright. I have gotten away from liking any inclusions in my protein as I got older, so it did not excite me at all. But yeah good decent flavor, and they nailed it here too.

Overall all three flavors are top notch and it is awesome to see NB step up the flavoring game, as we all know their products are great as it is. You can’t go wrong with these and it will vary person to person on which is the best one. No buyers remorse, here and I am happy to have these in my Protein roulette rotation. These all get the DaSlaya stamp of approval and recommendation. @Kon_Rock @NutraBio

My Rankings

  1. Bombs Away
  2. Freedom Fetti
  3. Miss American Pie

Awesome man, killer review! Thank you for this and glad to hear you loved them​:raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:


Thanks for the great review! We’re so glad you enjoyed the new flavors! :smiley:

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I’m a fan of the Freedom Fetti. Realizing this isn’t much of a review…but it is really good *sips on Alpha EAA