CPBob.com Weekly Deals

CPBob.com Weekly Deals


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going out in a few hours before the deals go live around midnight


Midnight Cherry sold out for C4 Cans

100 Customer BOGO Still live for C4/C4 Ultimate, and both Celsius Cans
Get them before they are gone.


New promo added

:moneybag: Xtend BOGO​:moneybag:


:boom: $13 / 30 Serving Tub


:fire:Coupon Code: BobKupniewski


:point_right:Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski


:star:Please forward all invoice & Order #'s to: [email protected]


:boom:ProSupps L-Carnitine BOGO
$6.50 Each

:boom:C4 Ripped and Super HD BOGO

:boom:BOGO Purus Halovar


Cyber Monday Extended

C4 Carbonated BOGO --> Sold Out
C4 Ultimate BOGO --> Still Live
Celsius & Celsius Heat BOGO --> Still Live

Other Deals & Discounts Below

:fire:Coupon Code: BobKupniewski & CM
BobKupniewski on the BOGO and BOGO50 Deals
CM For all other orders 25% OFF


:point_right:Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski


:star:Please forward all invoice & Order #'s to: [email protected]

Top Sellers
C4 Ultimate Cans BOGO

Celsius Cans BOGO

Hyde Power Potion BOGO

Nutrex Amino Drive & Iso-Amino BOGO’s

Buy Any Sparta Product Get Free HydraShred Black + Shaker

Xtend BOGO - $13/Each

Bang $19/Case --> Only 30 Left at this price on the BOGO50

25% OFF All Universal/Animal Products
Animal Snak $20/Box

25% Off Karbolyn --> $34 for a 4lb Tub

25% Off Sinister Labs
$18/Box of Cookies
$21/Box of Bars

25% Off PES
$22 for 2lb Select (Vegan Included)
$22/Box of Bars
$12 for Fishoil —> HUGE SELLER

$21.50/Case of RAZE Energy


Amazing deals for Cyber Monday. Made my order around 11pm Sunday night, and it’s already arriving today. Can’t beat that!


You know how we roll here at CP Brother!
Thanks for your support.


Deals still going

:fire:Coupon Code: BobKupniewski (BOGO’s)
Can30 (Celsius Cans)
Bang20 (Bang)


:boom:Please Forward all invoices and order #’s to: [email protected]

C4 Ultimate BOGO

Xtend BOGO

Bang 20% Off

Hyde Power Potion BOGO

Quest Cookies BOGO

Celsius Cans 30% OFF

Iso Amino BOGO

Dymatize Iso and Wheu + Free Bars


New Promo’s

:fire:Coupon Code: BobKupniewski (BOGO’s)
FuelUp (15% off Fuel)
RAZE (25% off Raze)
Can30 (Celsius Cans)
Bang20 (Bang)


:boom:Please Forward all invoices and order #’s to: [email protected]

25% Off Raze Energy


15% off CP Fuel

C4 Ultimate BOGO

Xtend BOGO

Bang 20% Off

Hyde Power Potion BOGO

Quest Cookies BOGO

Celsius Cans 30% OFF

Iso Amino BOGO

Dymatize Iso and Whey + Free Bars


I really want to pull the trigger on the Raze energy but I’m not sure about buying a case before I’ve had it :thinking:


I was hesitant as well but got an amazing deal on Cyber Monday.

Purchased a case of sour gummy and watermelon frost. Both are amazing and not at all overpowering. Carbonated similar to Bang rather than smooth, syrupy Hyde. Sour gummy is a little lighter in flavor, but a tasty one. It’s a little hard to pick up on the sour gummy until a couple seconds after it’s down your throat.

Watermelon frost literally tastes like a smooth watermelon Jolly Rancher slushie. Again, not overpowering, but tastes clear as day how you’d expect from the name. Really tempted to snag this new flavor and the others!


^^^^ I have had a large majority of my buyers move from Bang to Raze or C4 Cans. Raze is on top of their game with a quality long lasting energy drink and tasty flavors. Sour Gummy and the grape sold the best over CM/BF deals, but 25% off is close to as good of a deal at $22.50/Case ($1 more).


Count me as moving on to C4, and potentially toward Raze, from Bang. C4’s have been amazing in both taste and effects. Yeah I don’t always care for the parasthesia from the BA in C4, but the energy is some of the best for day to day.


Raze is currently my favorite energy drink. Taste is amazing and I’d take it over a Bang any day


That’s what she said


I need more Raze now. The two flavors I have are amazing but need more!

Energy felt a bit better to me too. Bang honestly hardly does anything for me, which may just be a caffeine tolerance thing. I think I get the some good effects from alpha gpc + choline in Raze, no matter or pixie dusted they likely are lol.

PS: Sorry to derail your thread, Bob. Hopefully this at least gets some peeps to hop on Raze through you. It’s seriously underrated good stuff.


New Promo Added

:fire:Coupon Code: BobKupniewski (BOGO’s)
FuelUp (15% off Fuel)
RAZE (25% off Raze)
Can30 (Celsius Cans)
Bang20 (Bang)
Cellucor (20% off Cellucor)


:boom:Please Forward all invoices and order #’s to: [email protected]

20% off All Cellucor Powders + FREE Vortex Shaker

  • Cellucor Whey ($22.50/2lb, $40/5lb)
  • IsoPro ($28)
  • C4, Super HD Powder ($24)
  • Alpha Amino ($20)
  • C4 Extreme, C4 Ripped, C4 Ultimate ($32)


💰 New Promo’s 💰


:star:Order Link: http://team.campusprotein.com/BobKupniewski

💥New CP Fuel White Frost + Free Blender Bottle + GIVEAWAY

:moneybag: NEW Bang Energy Shots :moneybag:


:boom: $38 for 24 Shots

💥New Bang Keto Coffee

💥NEW Bangster Berry Bang Energy

![image|281x500](upload://9onGwqgrwyK7IdZWSNo1tbHpCjaPreformatted text.jpeg)

💥25% OFF Xtend Pro Isolate Protein


💥20% OFF Cellucor Powders + FREE Vortex Shaker

:moneybag:$40/5lbs whey

(https://mail.google.com/mail/e/1f4a5)BOGO MAN Iso-Amino ($9 Each)

💥25% off Raze Energy Drinks


👉Email all Invoice & Order #'s to: [email protected]


💣Coupon Code: BobKupniewski (All Products/Stacks), RAZE (25% off Raze Energy Drinks), Can30 (30% off Celsius Cans),Cellucor (20% Off Cellucor), XtendPro (25% OFF Xtend Pro)


💥Giveaway to win NEW Fuel Samples:💥

:fire:Each Winner gets 2 scoops Lemom drop & White Frost fuel

  1. Live in U.S.

  2. Make $25+ Purchase

  3. Email Invoice & Order Number

  4. 7+ Winners will be chosen



@TheSolution have you tried any of the Xtend Pro flavors yet? Don’t think I’ve seen a YT review from you on them


I tried all of them at their HQ over the summer before they were put into production when I was down there for a week for the international sales conference.

My 2 favorites were vanilla and chocolate.
The cookie butter is more of a peanut butter cookie (not speculoos) like you would get from a trader joes.
Salted Caramel is exactly as dictated. It has the luscious sweetness of a sweet caramel.

Some may not like the sweetness and use it more of a luxury protein. I personally would rank them
1/2 : Vanilla/Chocolate
3. Cookie Butter
4. Salted Caramel

None are bad, just my preference. The vanilla is one of the BEST vanilla’s on the market especially for an isolate it packs a punch!

Any other Questions let me know. I will cover your shipping if you want to pick some up just shoot me an email and we will work out a deal.


Sending an email your way now