Convenient, Tasty, and Fits My Macros | Ryse Supps LOADED Bar

Love Ryse - but this bar didn’t dissolve super well. For me. It turned into little chucks of taffy that got stuck in and around my teeth.

I had to cut out a lot of chewing, but I didn’t consider it bad. I’m kinda used to chewing bars a long time

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I think the issue is, people are expecting a similar bar to Outright. If you’re going for the melt-in-mouth texture, You’ll be a bit disappointed.

Not a bad bar. I like them - just not my favorite.

Without giving too much away I think your experience was an isolated incident because people should expect a very similar experience for a real reason lol


Was not really a fan of these - they were close to a regular protein bar consistency with some chalkiness. Like a cross between a Power bar and an Outright bar, would not get them again but glad I tried them.


Exactly what I experienced.

Sounds like two isolated incidents now? ; )


I’ve seen people given two ‘different’ beta samples of products that were exactly the same and they claimed they were vastly different. Seems isolated to me knowing the background of the bar

Help me understand the analogy of beta testing two samples of a product, and how it applies here. Not trying to sound rude, but I genuinely don’t understand the correlation.

I’ve heard from others they had a very similar experience with this bar. Maybe we got a crappy batch.

It’s extremely possible that outright and loaded could be almost the same exact bar and because consumers are told they’re different they perceive them as vastly different

I’ve seen it happen, I’ve even fallen for it by Glazier’s beta testing with placebo groups

I had 8 Ryse bars and I’ve had a box of outright bars since. There is no chance they were at all the same experience.

Is it your opinion, that they were virtually the same experience?

This is beginning to sound like the Pepsi Taste Test…

Somewhat related but outright bars are officially my only protein bar. Just got 4 boxes for a solid $60. Time to try some new flavors

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I can 100% tell the difference between an Outright bar and a Ryse bar.

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Thanks. Hopefully I’m not crazy then.

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uhhh where was this deal???

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Vitamin Shoppe. Some were BOGO50 plus 20% off a $75 order

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Outside of the obvious addition of MCTs I tell zero difference

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Now personally I like, but don’t ‘love’ the Outright bar…although I haven’t been into bars for a while now…but with that said/typed, I may have to perform taste test…

Wow. That’s bold. I am eager to hear feedback from others. Maybe my batch was bad, but you’ve got two people here who claim the complete opposite.

I’ll order another batch.