Controlled Labs White Rapids – Feel the Rush!

Controlled Labs White Rapids – Feel the Rush!


In the world of pre-workouts supplements, there are two groups: the contenders and the pretenders. While there are a litany of the latter, very few fall into the former. Controlled Labs, thankfully, has always delivered a rather effective and cost-efficient product that left little to doubt. White Flood, and later …
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Priceplow, have you had a chance to use this? seems to have a good ingredient profile, curious why they would leave Beta analine.


Yes, Robert used it and loved it:


Ok, I tried the white rapids(purchased through the priceplow link of course), I must admit I added BA (3 grams) to mine. It was very good, however I have come to realize that agmatine sulfate rips my stomach up every time. I need a pre workout without agmatine, any suggestions would be appreciated.


Oh bummer on the agmatine!!!

What's your caffeine dose for a good workout?

I'm not sure where you are caffeine-wise, but given that this is 150mg per scoop, if you like a lose-dose caffeine, what about a scoop of Nutrex Outrage?

Pumps will definitely be different, but they're at least well-dosed at the low stim level. We write about this in our best pre workout guide which we JUST updated and are still busy adding links / images / etc: