Controlled Labs Green Might

Controlled Labs Green Might


Cherry Limeade - Right away the cherry is the dominant flavor with refreshing limeade after taste. What I was expecting is a stronger dose of flavor because CL is usually on the stronger side with flavor. The entire time I sipped on this it never really stuck out at me compared to White Flash, which is much stronger in density. This was very subtle from the initial taste into the aftertaste. You will not need a lot of water to get a strong flavor with Green Might. It is very light on flavor, but both flavors shine together and compliment each other well.


Just like all CL Products it mixes with ease. The powder is very fine and leaves no residue in your shaker cup. After 10-15 shakes and this was mixed in 8-10oz of water. Between PW, Green Mag, and their protein powders I have never had one issue in mixing any of their products. Even the OG White Flood mixed with ease when I did have it way back in the day.


5g Creatine Monohydrate (Performance, Endurance, Strength)
2g Taurine (Performance, Recovery)
1g Pomegrante Fruit Powder (anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties)
480mg Tart Cherry Extract (antioxidant, reduce muscle weakness)
450mg Cocoa Bean Extract (cardiovascular benefits, improve blood flow, antioxidant effects)


$56.99 Direct, but it will be much cheaper when other retailers get a chance to pick this up. Due to this being a brand new product it is not found very many places. I would expect this to drop right around $1/serving or slightly below on sale. For a creatine matrix that is a very reasonable price point. When you factor in how much Green Mag is and compare this (while they are different formula’s) they are pretty close in price.


Straightforward but unique and beneficial formula. I like everything about this and hope we get that price down.


I’m still waiting for someone to complete the sentence…

Controlled Labs Green Might…


Might make you more swole

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Strongly agree. I love the formula, but the price is pretty ridiculous for the label.

And I’d like to know more about their pomegranate extract.

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hurt your wallet at $57 for 40 servings.


There it is…