Companies with bad manufacturing QA

Companies with bad manufacturing QA


What’s a product you’re a fan of, but comes underweight or with a scoop size that is way off. My worst experience thus far has been with Sparta Nutrition. They have great products, but their scoops are way off(Specially Kraken). Hate having to weigh the scoops everytime I use one of their products. You guys have any others?


Spartan’s whey scoops are remarkably on point, it’s pretty cool actually.

MyProtein, on the other hand, has a very light and fluffy protein powder that has to STAY light and fluffy for their scoops to be accurate. If you “pack” the scoop at all, it can be dramatically off, up to 1.5 servings. Not that I’m griping about getting more protein, but it obviously shortens the lifespan of the bag.


I just weigh everything, regardless of manufacturer. I never get a consistent weight scoop to scoop with anything I have purchased…

…that and I’m a tad anal



Never weighed my kraken, and that’s what I’ve been taking this month. Yikes


My total War DMHA versions 2 tubs came without a scoop at all.


I don’t get crazy about scoop weight itself, as humidity and packing can make a difference.

But tub weight consistently low? No excuse for that!


The HMB I ordered from microingrediants has a serving size of 1 gram, but the scoop measures out 3 grams.




I can honestly say I’ve never weighed a supplement nor scooper serving in my life


I don’t know how deep it runs but Olympus Labs had the RE1GN recall


Weigh every scoop crew

And the OG Kraken was off


I don’t weigh out my protein, but I can definitely agree with this. There’s no way I’m getting 100 servings out of those 5.5 pound bags…


Bruh. How far off was yours. Just weighed mine. 4 scoops comes in at about 1.25 servings


I have multiple tubs of this and never weighed it. Maybe I have the same issue lol.


I’ve taken more than 20 double scoop servings, and I’ve got a decent amount left. I always thought I was going through the tub slow. But I’ve used it 5 days a week for everything but legs since the school year. That’s a shit ton. But either I’m right and I’ve gotten subpar pumps and energy, or I’m wrong and I’m literally going to die from taking approx half a gram caffeine and half a gram DMHA.


It wasn’t the scoop size, it was the amount of I believe the Stim-X and Kanna that was overdosed


The OG was a one scooper and they’re two now. You needed an actual 1.25 or almost 1.5 to get what the actual serving was. No one knew it either


Mine took a little bit over 3 scoops to get the full 15.2 gram serving.


This one made me chuckle, just 2/3 of a scoop lol


I want to punch who ever designed this…