I am so happy, lucky, and excited to annouce that my website is now up and running and I am currently taking pre-orders.

Instagram is @cnssupplements

Currently working with Matt and Mike right now for a blog in the near future so keep on the lookout!

Let me know what you all think?

Any suggestions etc, you know the deal! :slight_smile:

Thank you so much,



Is this the same Robert who was on the channel for awhile or no?


noooo not at all lol! Miss him though!


Signed up for the mailing list. :ok_hand: Can’t afford to full price preorder right now, but if you get some samples or some special PricePlow discounts, let me know!


Thanks brother!

I’m working on getting the partial payment plugin working

The plugin is broke of course so Im waiting on them to fix it :frowning:


I will be doing a discount code in the priceplow blog :wink:


I signed up / looks interesting


Signed up, too, I think. But I’m a little drunk and might have screwed up lol


Hey! Me too :grimacing: bourbon will do that


Do you have a pic of the final label that will be slapped on the tub?


We’re stoked to review this, congrats on the launch!

Several people have asked for a lower-caffeine supp that still has some good “bonus stuff” inside and enough pumps. This fills that gap, excited to check it out


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:sob: thank you so much

I will be getting you guys a sample tub to do the review before the launch as well!!


All good!
Thank you!


Looks really good !


Any reason the ingredients aren’t in order of descending weight? That’s the general rule of thumb, I know not if it’s actually required


It’s usually only required if it’s in a prop blend I believe


No its just how i had it in the google doc and my designer put it like that lmao

I’ll probably get it changed before production

I’m going to be sending a tub in for mike cj and matt to try too

In the video you’ll see the finished product!

At least most of it :stuck_out_tongue:

Idk if i like the order or not though i feel like it looks fuller

But maybe because its confusing lol