Clinically Elite Testosterone Booster | Primeval Labs Neanderthal

Clinically Elite Testosterone Booster | Primeval Labs Neanderthal



The editing and music kind of make this annoying to watch. Is this being sponsored or something?


Yeah but I can pass the feedback on the music


Yeah as in it is sponsored or yeah as in you agree with the other statement?
If the former that is not made clear at all.


Yes - nearly all of these ingredient explainers, including the older Tim Muriello ones, were paid for by the brands. They’re definitely not reviews and we never put the word “review” in them.


A request for future videos, could you put (sponsored) somewhere in the title or description? I don’t mind sponsored videos as long as there is disclosure.


Yeah, absolutely. For the record, we NEVER EVER EVER charge for reviews - which will go into our review playlists and say ‘review’ in them. CJ and Robert have been told to be honest with everything, no matter what.

2018 will be fun as we find the ‘next stim’, too!!!


Thanks! I was fairly certain of that but also good to know.

Ya that should be interesting, I kind of want to try a product with that new syphederine. I’m kind of wondering if any company is going to try the 1.4 DMAA since that hasn’t had any action taken against it to my knowledge.
Actuly now that I think of it there are a fair number of stims that are still legal but have only really been touched by mid tier companies, like chaos and pain.


Primeval Labs must be doing a lot of sponsoring, I’ve seen similar videos all over the place. Specially for the Mega Pre