Clinical Labs Galvanize: A Pre Workout to Shock the System

Clinical Labs Galvanize: A Pre Workout to Shock the System

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Galvanize: To stimulate or shock with an electric current;         To arouse to awareness or action. Check out Clinical Labs Supplements Galvanize. It’s packing EVERYTHING you’d want in a pre workout all along 200mg DMHA. 2017 has most certainly been the year of the monstrous serving pre workout, as evidenced by the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


ooo I like the pump ingredients, I’m not a fan of the logo but the formula looks rather good.

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Is that one of your criteria when judging formulas? :joy:


Yep, for some reason companies using medical terminology or symbols when the company is not involved with medicine annoys me, like “the green cross” which is a pot store, or all of the companies using drug nomenclature for their shitty prohormones/test boosters.

Which admitted puts me in an awkward position of criticizing this forum’s messiah.


I was trying to make a joke. But you have a very good point there!

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Yep, but there was a chance to rant about it, so I took it. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doesn’t look bad. Would rather see 6g of L-Citrulline versus malate and I wish companies would stop using NALT.


“But it’s my medicine, brahhhhh”

LOL criticize away, they’re not our products…


Unfortunately it is for the average soccer mom (or dad) consumer out there…


not my “messiah” by any means…and i agree on the shady names…amateur league just like all the brands doing “Z” in their names.

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I disagree. I think it’s brilliant to have a product named “1-Testosterone”, “1-AD”, or “Anavar”. That’s just good/easy marketing.

The amount of people who get upset by it are easily offset by the sales it generates.


I’ve been wondering doesn’t that violate advertising laws?
Particularly the anavar one.


I always thought Hi-Tech was buying trademarks as they expire. Honestly haven’t researched it a ton


That Galvanize stack is pretty hefty. I’m a little frustrated with the underdosing of betaine.

Actually, I wish all pre’s would just completely leave out the stuff you should be taking every day (betaine, beta alanine, creatine). Unless you are always taking the same pre (who does that??), you need to reformulate the amount of your dailies with every pre, and that’s a pain in the arse.

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Agreed, unless they do fully dose it, like PreCre with their creatine content. In a case like that, I’m personally a fan of it

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Except betaine, I agree.


It’s not a bad formula, but I don’t think it’s a contender in the $2/serving category.


what would you consider a contender in the $2/serving category?


Would def check this one out. After dosing though, I’d look in the mirror and say “You got Galvanized!!” Then head out to the gym. What can I say, I like the theatrics. :clown_face:

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Essentially nothing from a small upstart company. Most, in my experience, have to start in the $1, maybe $1.50/serving to get their foot in the door, I.e. Death Punch.

Casual gymbros just buy whatever sounds hype at GNC or Your Friendly Local Supplement Store.

More dedicated supplement customers usually won’t pay $2/serving, they wait for sales or discount codes, which small companies almost never have, but big companies do with impunity. You can almost always find Kraken for $25-30/tub including shipping on Amazon or Ebay, for example.