Clear Muscle.. Clarified. MuscleTech's New Supp Reviewed

Clear Muscle.. Clarified. MuscleTech's New Supp Reviewed

Last year at the 2014 Arnold Sports Festival, we saw tons of new product releases and announcements. One of the most intriguing was from the team at MuscleTech. “The most powerful muscle builder in history” Claiming they were on the verge of releasing “the most powerful muscle builder in history,” …
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At the end of the study, much in line with what MuscleTech’s marketing claims, the HMB group gained 16 pounds of lean muscle, while reducing their body fat, from an average of 14% to 21%. Truly astounding results to gain so much muscle while also cutting substantial body fat.

Uh... i didnt know reducing body fat from an average of 14% to 21% was indeed REDUCING???? Wouldnt that be an increase in body fat %?

Also.... isn't HMB used to help increase weight gain, not only regarding to muscle but fat as well? That's what was listed in the HMB Link on this page earlier in the article.

"HMB has been misrepresented for years and a lot of the literature leaves readers confused about what it is and who it's for. Essentially, people who are trying to lose weight or following a restrictive diet shouldn't take HMB. A metabolite, HMB prevents fat loss, even with a low calorie diet and intense exercise. It's not a weight loss supplement, but rather a tool for bulking up."

@SH - Hey, that was just a typo in the body fat %s, it should have been reversed, they reduced their body fat from 21% to 14%

Also @SH - Yes, HMB reduces fat loss *In a defecit*, so for someone on a cut, supplementing with HMB probably wouldn't be ideal.

In a caloric surplus however, the effects are different, as you should see pretty consistently in studies on HMB.

A lot of the variance also probably comes with training intensity. Many of the studies on HMB used very casual exercise routines, or no exercise routines at all. Just take a look at what the placebo group gained in this study to see that.

I think they mean between 14 and 21 percent....