CJ's Personal Top 5 Pre-Workouts For Stim Junkies

CJ's Personal Top 5 Pre-Workouts For Stim Junkies



Haven’t tried 5-3, but loved 1&2.

Nice ultra instinct Goku in there too


Never tried any of those


Not a fan of edge of insanity, large part of that is the flavor, but I seem to just get anxiety with no energy from it weirdly. Maybe il get it another shot since I brought the tub with me.

Looks like a great fat burner if nothing else.


A lot of their products look really neato but I don’t like using phenibut outside of sleep aids, and they put it in EVERYTHING


Been wanting to try Arez, but never find a deal



But where does …


Stack up?


Huh they changed the formula again.


@CJ this post made my start shaking, just from reading the title. I just can’t do the heavy stims!!! I’ll get an anxiety attack.


That’s why God created sedatives.