Chaos and Pain – Hardcore Supplements for ADVANCED Users

Chaos and Pain – Hardcore Supplements for ADVANCED Users

There’s a controversial new brand that’s been making headline after headline lately, and it’s time we chimed in with our two cents. Their name is CHAOS AND PAIN, and they’re delivering some hardcore supplements that they believe the market has been lacking. Given their recent success, they might be right. …
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I could not have dreamed up a more flattering writeup on our products or our company than this. Finally, someone gets us!

In re the nootropic concerns- the only nootropic that has been classified as "not a nutritional supplement" is piracetam, which we've not used. Luckily, noopept is considerably stronger and has not been targeted by the government, so we're within the law completely. Most of the racetams were developed by the same Russian pharmaceutical company that created phenibut (a compound we'll be including in an upcoming product), and given that the compounds have untold upsides and no real reports downsides, we're confident the government will leave them be. At least, that is, until some pharma company licenses them so we can't use them.

In re the new Cannibal Ferox- the lid is 3.25", and 3" of that is covered with a warning. Additionally, we've got the directions dosed by bodyweight in an effort to prevent adverse reactions. We did not want to reduce the serving size, as that would only reduce our "hardcore" credibility and invite criticisms that certain ingredients were underdosed.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing, and moderation is for cowards. Clearly, we are not cowards. That mentality is how I snagged my world record total in raw powerlifting, how I created an incredibly popular strength training and nutrition blog (which is super NSFW, if you happen to check it out), and that's why we're a tiny company causing big waves in the supplement industry. Additionally, we are as transparent as our labels- anyone who has any questions can feel free to email me at [email protected] or hit us up on our facebook page-