Cellucor Super HD Xtreme – Long Lasting Energy!

Cellucor Super HD Xtreme – Long Lasting Energy!


Not to be outdone by the likes of MusclePharm and MuscleTech with their cavalcade of new products and exclusive “graduate” line of supplements, Cellucor has served up another new product with Super HD Xtreme. Much like the G4 line’s C4 50x and soon to be released Alpha Amino Xtreme, Super …
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I bought a 60 capsule two days ago. Normally when I cycle caffeine I take 400mg preworkout and 210mg a few hours afterwards with green tea pills throughout the day and an energy drink after work like nocal NOS and my sleep cycle is fine. Not sure if it's because I'm getting back on stims after a 3 week break but WOW! One capsule in morning is fine but the 2nd one 5-6hrs later kicks my butt, it's too much and makes me lightheaded, dizzy, sweats/chills, nauseous, and gives me extreme vertigo and a headache. I couldn't even sleep the first night I took it and it was 13hrs since I took the 2nd capsule. It works great as an appetite suppressant so far but i got extreme nausea when I took a capsule AFTER eating but not before. Will just take 1 in the am on empty stomach and use green tea pills in afternoon. I will post an update in 3 weeks.


I took 1 capsule at 8:30 which made me extremely jittery. I took another at 1:00. I threw up and felt sick and nauseous the rest of the day!!! Do not take more than 1 per day!!!


Where's our update???