CELLUCOR C4 ULTIMATE Deal -- $17.99 w/ free shipping

CELLUCOR C4 ULTIMATE Deal -- $17.99 w/ free shipping

Found this deal while searching the web. Since a tub normally retails for around $40, thought some might be interested in an over 50% discount :man_shrugging:


Thanks. This formula works for me. Additionally, it is 20% off for 2 or more.

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Nice catch, just ordered

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@DaSlaya not too many left.

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Thank you sir!!


Seems they still have some of these left. Any of you guys order these? If so how clumped up are they? Also, are they the sticky/gummy clumped up or powdery/brittle clumped up?

Trying to figure out whats better for a cheapskate like me, 2 tubs of clumped up C4 Ultimate OR 2 expired tubs of Quake for around the same price.

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I opened 3 of my 4…

1 was powdery/brittle clumped, easy to scoop still
2 are rock solid, can’t even break any powder apart… :frowning:


Mine was pretty okay. I’d say grab the C4


Did you attempt burning up the motor in your blender trying to re-powder the solid rocks, lmao…

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Have only opened 1 of the 3 tubs and it was a mostly hardened and slightly goey clump. C4 over the Quake.