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I’ve gotta be honest. The trend of padded viewtimes is getting a little out of hand. I don’t see why a flavor panel is 20+ minutes personally. I’ve stopped watching a majority of videos because I simply don’t have time to get ideas of 5 flavors in nearly half an hour, which is a shame.


I’ve gotta be honest then, I’m trying to get these as low as possible but when we’re on camera we just don’t stop talking.

I edit out a ton of conversation and mixing, etc.

I’ve gotten good feedback when I use timestamps, so you can jump through, is that preferable?


That’s actually a great idea! Like a time stamp for just initial thoughts for each flavor. I understand the rambling, don’t get me wrong. I leave the videos running in the background while I cook or something to make sure y’all get the view revenue, so I appreciate the editing to cut down on the time.

I just want to make sure you guys know you can and SHOULD offer feedback on this stuff. I’d rather you guys be honest about what you want to see than just tell us what you don’t want to, if that makes sense.

I’ll start implementing the time stamps in all videos, not just long ones

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I’m personally a fan. I like when people are themselves on video. If i’m waiting a couple days for a new video, I would prefer it have substance to it


Interesting. Is there a specific time you sit down to watch them or do you leave them playing while working on other things or what?

It’s tough to strike a view time balance, so I’m glad time stamps will be used, so I can get the core info that I’m looking for in some videos, and you can get enough content as well

I don’t mind it at all. I don’t watch every minute of every video that is posted. But…I will refer back to it if I’m making a decision about a supplement/flavor. That’s what it’s there for.

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I personally like watching them when I’m just settling down, or I’ll be listening to them while I’m doing something else but once it gets to a point in the video where they’re going in-depth, I’ll stop and watch

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