Cellucor C4 Energy Gummies Giveaway

Cellucor C4 Energy Gummies Giveaway

In case you had not heard yet, Cellucor just released the new C4 Energy Gummies.

That’s right the power of C4 now available in a delicious gummy treat.

Want to win some? Simply tell us what your favorite candy is.

We will pick a few random winners through out the week to win a tub of each flavor.

Must be over 18
Must live in the US


Favorite candy?
Hm, I’ve always enjoyed Hershey’s with almonds, but KitKats are equally as good. It’s a tie between them for me.

Have you tried the gummies yet, and if so, how are they flavor-wise?

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I have indeed tried them.
They have a great flavor to them (which I expected from Cellucor). The texture is firmer than a normal gummy candy. I would compare it to these almost (just a little softer)

As far as the effects. It is just like taking a full scoop of C4.

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My favorite candy is definitely either Sour Patch Kids or SweeTarts ropes, depending if I want sour or sweet. For chocolate, milk duds are by far my favorite chocolaty treat.

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Sour Patch Kids and SweeTarts Ropes. Those things are both amazing.

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Chocolate based would be the 100 grand bar.

Non-chocolate based would be either chewy lemonheads or everlasting gobstoppers.

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Baby ruth and sour patch kids

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Sour gummy worms!


Large sour patch kids, swedish fish and gummy worms. That and pretty much anything chocolate.

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For chocolate: Reese’s or peanut m&ms
Other kinds of candy: laffy taffy!!

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It’s a tie between Reese’s Nutrageous and Caramello for chocolate based.
I don’t think I really have a favorite sweet candy but sour peach rings come to mind first.

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I have to pick one?!? Oh man…

I love the Snickers Almond Butter. Those things are legit. I’m also a white chocolate lover, so Hershey’s Cookies N Cream is a close second!

Health and all toffee/chocolate combos gets an honorable mention!

Non chocolate candy = forever Pink Starbursts.

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old school snickers works for me as well, but a good frozen Charleston Chew is epic as well.

in for support, good luck gents

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Starburst and Crunch Bars

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Runts, specifically the banana ones :banana::banana::banana:

Hope this is some sick joke…

I think @Mike is the same way. He loves his banana runts

Since we are on the topic of candy, has anyone else seen this thread going around on Twitter?

One must go, which do you choose?

Personally, I’m dumping M&M’s, especially if they are just the plain ones.

I could honestly do without almost all of those. I’m just not a huge chocolate fan

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So no C4 chocolate bars coming soon? :drooling_face: