Carnitine Question

Hey guys. I’ve got two tubs of Sparta Shred to use for a cut that I’m starting next week.

It has a pretty big dose of Carnitine. I have read that you need some carbs with Carnitine for it to do its job. I think someone said on here that you only need 10g of carbs. So what do you all think is the best way to take Sparta Shred and carbs if I’m using Sparta Shred pre-workout when on a cut? I’m assuming the carbs I have two hours prior with my breakfast won’t help. So should I just mix it with some Gatorade or have a tablespoon of honey pwo?

Eating calories to burn calories doesn’t seem to make much sense to me, unless they’re preworkout carbs for performance

Yeah, that’s kind of why I asked the question.

I think you’d still be absorbing carbs and have elevated blood sugar even 2 hours after eating. I’d say just take it like normal preworkout and it’ll do the job

Appreciate the response!

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I have taken VMI’s Carnitine 3000 by itself with no carbs and had some okay results. I did find this article, and while it does say there are benefits with the combo of Carnitine and Carbs, it is not required.

I think you will be fine taking it alone, especially if you work out first thing like me! Curious how it works out for ya!

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