Caribou's Training Log

Caribou's Training Log


You took that RICH PIANA 5150 didn’t you!!!


I mayyyyy have chucked a serving of Charged Aminos into a scoop of reasonably dosed preworkout. :pensive:


This is the supplement version of “eyes bigger than your stomach”.

If you can handle high caffeine, it can lead to strength increases though… but sometimes that kind of research just gets you hyped and then you realize it’s not for you :confused:


Yeah I remember reading somewhere that “research supported” performance increases were from 6-10mg/kg. Sounded good until I realized I weigh just over 90 kilos! Even with the insane stim tolerance I have, I’m still on the lower end of that. I typically stick around 450-500mg, although today I two-scooped hypermax.


Whoa, how’d that go?


I’ve been working 12 hour night shifts, so it’s been taking a little extra to get me going. I love hyper max though, one of my new favorites!


Still at it, just haven’t been updating! But this, I thought, was really funny. Scope my handwriting immediately after a maximal set of Kroc rows.


I think you did them correctly!


I kinda want to start one of these…


To briefly summarize: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA also HyperMax is good AAAAAAAAAAA


Local Elk Eats Shit Publicly

Not pictured: the two guys who immediately walked up to me and went “yo are you done in this rack?”


Damn, props for being awfully nonchalant about it though


I’ve failed enough lifts publicly that I’m actually no longer capable of feeling shame in a gym setting. :cold_sweat:


Also SSB squats make me want to be dead


@GaspariDan @Dougefresh93 not back to 100% yet, ankle actually started smarting again during these sets, but I promised heavy deadlifts Sponsored By Gaspari® and I’m here to deliver


And then the sleeve stretching bicep pump to make my dick feel bigger, of course.

Yes, I know my arms are actually small, thanks.


Deadlifts and shirt looking real good, my man!


Nice work brother


Meant to tell you that your knuckle cracking game is also on point!!! Good work!


I pride myself on my crunchiness, thank you.

Finally hit 335 for real instead of it just being a projected 1RM. It’s ugly. Knees will be nice and destroyed tomorrow.