Caribou's Tip of the Week

The Grape Bubblegum flavor of Ketogenics’ Keto-Lytes is not only the best flavor of it, it’s actually the best grape-flavored supplement I’ve…maybe ever had?

Other supplement companies should be linking up with them to see about paying them for their grape flavoring, it’s fucking good.



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I concur…it’s incredible

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Thanks a ton! Yeah that one has a such an addictive following its unreal. Its one of those rare flavors that 10000% the flavor name matches the taste such that if you drank it blindfolded and did not know what it was, the instant you smell/taste it you know. It is also a very well known nostalgic taste so it really excites the senses.

Its very hard to come up with another flavor that does what the grape bubblegum flavor does to people and creates such an addictive following BUT I did finish up 2 new flavors recently which will be coming in early March. They are DELICIOUS.

Stay tuned.


interesting i love grape.


Off the top of my head from a flavoring perspective lately:

KetoLytes Grape Bubblegum
Ghost Legend Sonic Limeade
Legion Pulse Bubblegum

*Please note the sweet tooth - probably why one was just pulled


I agree with those as I have never had legion
But pre jym rainbow sherbet is unreal as well
As far as top flavors go

I am not a jym fan but he crushed that flavor

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I would agree with that…
Also…the Core ABC Australian Orange sherbet also really really good.


Sorry, hate grape. But now I get more tips from Caribou - score!


I agree, not a fan JYM but his root beer float protein was good. The best in that flavor for sure. I just didn’t like the texture.

Also…mixing ProJym Tahitian Vanilla + his Post Jym Orange… was good stuff.

One other note here - PES High Volume/Prolific Cotton Candy…