C4 On The Go Carbonated Giveaway!

C4 On The Go Carbonated Giveaway!


UPDATE: Wow - there are a ton of responses! I’ll give away an extra can now to whoever can guess my favorite exercise…and it’s not a deadlift or squat…or anything with a barbell or dumbbell. ; )

Giveaway! The folks at NutraBolt were kind enough to send me their newest product…

So here is a chance for you to try Cellucor’s newest take on “soda” and energy drinks with C4 Carbonated.

Chosen winners will get a C4 in their flavor choice!

-Tropical Blast
-Frozen Bombsicle
-Twisted Limeade
-Strawberry Watermelon

Like the post, comment which flavor you like, and share your favorite exercise and why you like it! Winners will be chosen this Sunday!


I want to try the Frozen Bombsicle real bad!

My favorite lift is the Deadlift. Its just a good, all around great muscle and strength builder. I also like the fact that you can’t cheat the weight. You either lift it from the ground or you dont. Fun but tough to do. It gives you the most wicked soreness in the lower back that no other back exercise can do. A must do exercise!

Thanks for the opportunity Matt.


Limeade for me!

Personally, I adore front squats. Running 10x10’s like Jeff Cavaliere with those leave you burning like a mofo, and you’re sore for at least a week after. Nothing better than those post-leg DOMS!


I’m Matt - not @Mike

; )


Frozen bombsickle and my favorite exercise is for sure the deadlift. The GOAT exercise


Tropical blast sounds really good

My favorite exercise has to be pull ups. Just a versatile upper body exercise that can be done in a lot of different ways and places. Plus I Am Legend was one of my favorite movies growing up, and seeing Will Smith do them in the movie always made them seem cool to me for some reason


Strawberry watermelon sounds tasty!:strawberry::watermelon:
My favorite exercise is snow skiing. Not a tradional excercise or lift but my legs are done by the end of the day. It is the chance to be outdoors with fresh air and great scenery that gives one heck of a workout. :skier:
For a lifting exercise, I like preacher curls. It really hits the biceps hard and helps build mass and strength.


Tropical Blast is very tasty! Plus C4 On The Go is not too carbonated and has just the right amount of caffeine. Great as part of my morning pre-workout, or even a coffee replacement at the office.
Oh, my favorite workout…preacher curls…gotta flex my guns!

But I really really really really want to try Bombsicle!


Bombsicle or Strawberry Watermelon for me if I win.

My ACTUAL favorite is the deadlift, but since that seems to be the popular choice and I’m a dirty hipster, I’ll say Seated Good Mornings. The gnarliest stretch in your hams after hitting them hard, and a great lower back strengthener. Plus it gets people staring at you concernedly, which is always fun.


I had to google that one :smiley:


I recommend them a lot! But if you herniate a disk I deny all accountability


Well this is awesome. Thanks for running this thread, Matt!


Frozen bombsickle, and gotta love them BB Curls for the girls


I’d love to try frozen bombsicle!

My favorite exercise is leg extensions. I love watching my quads get toned.

As for your favorite exercise, I’m gonna guess the hip thrust! Haha


um jump rope


Nailed it.


Did I just win a bottle?


No. Lol.

I haven’t jump ropes since elementary PE!


I’ll go ahead and guess a good old fashioned push-up in that case


umm…pull ups?