C4 Carbonated 75% off Shipped

Crazy deal


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3 Cases for $18
$6 a Case
50 cents a can

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I think you just cleaned out the warehouse. None available for shipping. All stores close to me are OOS.

Someone already posted this deal last week. I cleaned out two stores of their remaining stock (2 cases total). Left one case with my coworkers. Shipping was never an option, that’s why it’s down to 75% in store.


Thanks for posting, Vitamin Shoppe does some crazy sales on items nearly date.

Oh these aren’t shortdated. Vitamin Shoppe discontinued them… Likely because the flavor just didn’t sell well enough to continue ordering.

They canceled half my order :frowning:

@Msseffect They do that when they don’t see a full case but don’t count the singles in the fridge. Call and ask them to check how many singles they have. If there’s enough, give them a heads up for the re-order.

If you order offline (not pickup) they won’t honor it because it doesn’t ship directly from a store.

I had 0 local pickup within 300 miles
I’m sure they were scarce in stores to begin with

Very scarce… But i found stores that had ‘1’ case so you can actually place the order. Then would cancel the order because they go looking for a case.

The method is flawed because they don’t account for when cases are opened to be sold as singles. You have to remind them that there’s probably enough singles left to put a ‘case’ together.

For example:
I placed my order today for Ghost Strawberry Energy Drinks
No where near me (Cleveland, Pitt, Buffalo, Erie) had them. Order shipped from Florida
Don’t know if that is coming from a specific store or a generic warehouse.

C4 cans shipped from the west coast for me.

Oh if we’re talking about orders that can ship… That’s determined on the back end. It usually comes from a warehouse in a specific region over a store. A store might ship it if inventory issues wins out… But in that case it may lose its shipping option too.

I ordered the biggest bottle of Carlson fish oil, shipping only. They stopped carrying it in store. Shipped from the east coast.

My SS Is from the VS Webpage, not an in-store purchase.
Thats why @rodefeeh said you cleaned out the warehouse.

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