Buy one get one on supps

Buy one get one on supps

I’ll buy from Bob if he helps me put up these hurricane shutters

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You could not pay me to move to Florida… too many hurricanes and tropical storms. Don’t know how some of you guys do it who live there.

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Don’t worry, they make up for it with the extremely high entitled elderly demographic, the high cost of living, and the drivers.

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Sounds like you are describing the people here in California as well :rofl:

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Partially why I vacated CA to move to TX :smiley:

I’d say both places are very similar


Texas is my destination when I’m an adult, I hope

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Lol! Crap phone keyboard. Thanks for calling me out though

All are welcome in my wonderful lone star state. : )

Florida also has sink holes. Lol. And gators.


Some More Promo’s

Buy 1 Get 1 Free Rule 1 Whey Blend
10 Pounds around $52-54

Buy 1 Get 1 Free BSN IsoBurn
Buy 1 Get 1 50% OFF Nutrex Vegan (best vegan on the market IMO)
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Redcon1 Protein + MOAB
Buy 1 Get 1 Free Dymatize Protein (Iso, Casein, Whey, Elite XT) + Free All 9 Amino’s

More to come

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Link to sign up for early access to deals Monday (9/9/19) at 11 AM

Large Discount on Sparta Nutrition + Free Gift
BOGO Gat Pre-Workouts
BOGO Nutrex Outlift & Alpha Pump
BOGO Pre Kaged and Hydra-Charge
BOGO Total War & Big Noise (Redcon1)
BOGO on Purus Labs Noxygen

BCAA, Energy Drinks, Snacks, and Misc deals to come!

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Sale is live

First order of BOGOs came in

Got mine this morning!


Ya know I always think my stash is a lot of supps, but man you must just have a ridiculous one!

That order is for other local clients of mine, I buy in bulk and then divy off to friends who want to place a local order.
My stash is much smaller then you think. The biggest thing I have is 4 cases of c4 cans. Besides that I have 2 pre’s (FullBlitz and VasoBlitz), 2 Tubs xtend perform, and a few tubs of whey (4 Ghost Whey)

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Ohhh that makes sense…smart man!!

People are smart to buy When the deals are good. They tell me what they want and I drop off at their house with extra samples, shakers and products for Their support

Just like how i am giving out 20 products this week in giveaways

Can’t wait to see the look when I roll to the post office to pay for all them packages


Adding tomorrow

BOGO ON Amino Energy Cans (2 New flavors Peach and Mango)
BOGO Redcon 1 BAR & MRE Bars
BOGO Rule 1 Pre Amino
BOGO Redcon 1 11 Bravo

Added BOGO50 on Rule 1 Whey Isolate as well!