Bulk Supplements For Cheap? Or Nah... | Bulk N Cheap Review

Bulk Supplements For Cheap? Or Nah... | Bulk N Cheap Review



Complete miss on the dosing. WTF was he thinking? Double scoop will get you a little closer (but 350 mg is too much caffeine for me).


Wow. Uh… I’m not impressed. CJ and Robert were way too nice. He’s charging a premium for something called bulk n CHEAP. Seriously?? 5 ingredients, 2 have no accute effects, one technically isn’t even an active and should be listed in the other ingredients, and one is optimistically half dosed. Literally all this has going for it is the caffeine, but it’s priced like a super high end pre. This is just bad.


As I said when it was first mentioned it is the same old “I read examine preworkout”, cituline beta alanine creatine and caffeine, naturally flavored occasionally with something else thrown in(in this case beet root powder).
This has been done before, with the same marketing for a better price.

If he wants to do something that fits with the name just sell flavored bulk powders and stimulant capsules.


CJ has a soft spot for local Austin peeps. I love Texas but honestly don’t care where someone is from, we’re trying to build a “national” brand at the very least, a deal is a deal and overpriced is overpriced.

This is actually a great deal. Get me some naturally flavored leucine to sip on.


You’re obsessed with Leucine! :joy: