Build Fast Formula Blitz3d

Build Fast Formula Blitz3d

Fruit Candy – This is a new flavor to the Build Fast Formula family. After letting this flavor hit my taste buds it gives me a combination of Fruit Punch and Rainbow Candy off the product line. Immediately the fruit punch provides a combination of orange, strawberry, passion fruit, and s small glimpse of orange. The backend provides the rainbow candy compliments that contains a subtle skittle flavor,. It is almost similar to a spin-off of rainbow sherbet. The array of flavors leaves a lingering refreshing taste on your taste buds. I found the flavoring to be much stronger in Blitz3d then I did from VasoBlitz and Fullblitz. Overall this flavor is stellar, and I will have no issues sipping on this before training.

The product mixed with ease in a blender bottle. After a few shakes, there are no particles floating around. The powder is extremely light and started to mix just hitting the water. I found nothing stuck to my shaker cup or left sitting at the bottom. Thumbs up here on how easy the product mixes in water.

Per 2 Scoops

115mg Vitamin C

30mg Calcium

6g L-Citrulline (Pump, Performance, Delay Lactic Acid Build Up, NO Enhancer)
2g Arginine Nitrate (Pump, Performance, Endurance)

3.2g Beta-Alanine (Delay Fatigue, Improve Performance)

Stim Portion:

385mg Caffeine (Stimulant)

2.75mg Yohimbine Bark Extract (Enhance Mood & Energy)

1000mg DMAE (Cognitive Enhancer for sustained mood, focus, and energy)


I like every pre they put out more than the last one. Basically a higher stim/better focus FullBlitz. Can’t wait to try

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Can’t wait for your feedback! Thanks for the support.

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