Brand of Brothers: This is the NEW Sparta Nutrition

Brand of Brothers: This is the NEW Sparta Nutrition

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I liked Murtaza — or “Mo”, as he goes by — of Sparta Nutrition the moment I met him. Mo sets out to show the supplement industry a thing or two — and succeeds! Something about this guy just seemed genuine. He was friendly and curious, full of questions about… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)


I think this is a very smart move. I will admit that at first I personally am not drawn to the labels alone. I am a very basic fashion guy with a wardrobe based on dark black, black, add a little black and if I really want to spice it up maybe some royal blue or a crimson red kind of guy. But all one has to do is look around these days to realize that color and lots of it is certainly in vogue in many peoples opinion. These are labels that would never keep me away if the formulas are proper, and from the looks of thing they certainly are respectable and well done. So while I would always buy based on ingredients and never labels, there is a large segment of the buying public who would never purchase some brands simply based on the dark and almost violent labels they market with. These are the “Shakeology” crowd. They have cash and spend it but they buy products that do NOT intimidate them.

The shake crowd still wants results and unfortunately some of the most effective products choose to target the hardcore amongst exclusively. A quality product is a quality product and many of these folks could be getting so much more for their hard earned dollars if only companies would speak to them or at the very least not chase them away with labels depicting the end times. Not all companies have the same goals but if making products that appeal to the largest group of consumers possible while not sacrificing effectiveness Sparta certainly can be used as an example.

Looking at Sparta’s protein makes me smile as the label breakdown and transparency seems to have followed the template of NutraBio by breaking down, in detail, the ingredients all the way down to the mg’s of sweeteners used. This a pendulum swing of significant proportion for an industry that for years has hid formulas as if they were top secret government encryption codes lol.

As far as the keto product line, simply BRAVO. This line makes me want to go back to my keto roots. Well done Sparta.


I understand this is a sponsored post, but Priceplow has completely lost all integrity with this post.

These guys have been in the supplement industry for ages, at least mustafa, running one low integrity biz to another.

Prohormone warehouse, phw supplements, amazon stores, nutriverse and now suppremacy.

One failed business after another that died for many reasons but above all else, horrible customer service.


I’ve had nothing but excellent customer service from Sparta…and no matter what they had, prohormes, harder preworkouts, etc they put out quality products. I know nothing about their involvement in supremacy and nutriverse, but I’d this is true, shame on them for that, but everything else has been nothing short of amazing