BPI Best Protein Bar – A "Dirtier" But BETTER Bar?

BPI Best Protein Bar – A "Dirtier" But BETTER Bar?


The pre workout once reigned supreme over the supplement arena. However, the previous year has seen the emergence of a new challenger to the king of supplements: the protein bar. These palm-sized portions of protein packed goodness have been showing up all over the place lately. A market once dominated …
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These bars are so hard. I tried chewing through it but my jaw was killing me after. They need to make a change of they want to keep customers. I love the other BPI products but this is garbage on texture.


This (pbutter/Choc) bar is the WORST!!! protein bar that I have ever tasted! After choking down 3/4 of it, I had to chuck it. I have tried at least 50 different energy/protein bars and this was garbage. The chocolate taste was awful and unnatural tasting, and there were slimy pieces of what looked like peanut butter but didn't taste like it. The worst yet though, was the chemical knock off tasting version of caramel bits all throughout the bar! I don't eat candy, but have when I was younger, so recognize this awful taste. This was like a gross imitation candy bar, wrapped to be given as a punishment for a misbehaving child! Shame on you for making such a nasty tasting and not great for the body product. My hope is that my taste buds never encounter a similarly bad product again. FYI a good tasting protein bar and water didn't even initially wash out the taste. Congrats on making some kind of mind blowing alien rectangular shaped, food garbage. I wish I could get my $4 back!