BOGO Everything @ Redcon1

BOGO Everything @ Redcon1


Today only BUY ONE item get a SECOND ONE FREE(equal or lesser value) when you use the code BOGO2!

That’s right for the next 24 hours it’s BOGO on everything on!


I don’t need anything but a pre for September / October. Anything else would be overstock. Total war Pineapple juice :pineapple: sounds like my stuff but strawberry mango already sold out.


Any favorites from anybody? Looking at trying out RPG, Double tap, Halo…


@TheSolution gave us some insight on GDAs and RPG just didn’t fare as well as a few others. Tried it myself and it’s slower to drop my blood sugar than say, Primalog. Reviews are out there for double tap, halo is out of my wheelhouse.


RPG ranks down my list of GDA’s

Slintensity V2, Predator, Glycoshield, Primalog, Blue Sugar i would rank well above them. The New glycophase from SNS i have my eye on. I test each GDA with my blood glucose monitor 5 minutes before meals and adjust my carb intake and see how long it takes for my BG to baseline. So I will manipulate 25,50,75,100g of carbs with GDA’s and cheat meals, and test my levels. RPG honestly did not do too much at all. Would not drop the money even BOGO for it.


Any thing aside from what I listed that would be worth it to pick up during the BOGO? I am open to any suggestions.


I love the GI Juice. MRE bars are worth it to me.


Might be a good time to try the MRE Lite.


Oatmeal Choc Chip MRE Lite is really good. Pecan Pie is decent (tastes like cinnamon to me). I also love the carrot cake MRE bars.

@Dougefresh93 would strongly disagree with me though. ; )


Cow hoof and tendon powder/bars BOGO? Sign me up ASAP pls


Hell hath no fury like Gaspari reps have for Redcon1’s MRE products.


I didn’t really notice anything from RPG. Still had the bloated/lethargic feeling from certain carbs I wouldn’t get when using another GDA with similar ingredients.


The oatmeal chocolate chip is the one I was wanting to try.


It’s my favorite MRE Lite Flavor.


How is the banana nut bread flavor ?


Mike likes it - I wasn’t a fan. Pecan Pie is my #2. But I’d rather get two tubs of oatmeal choc chip if I was spending the money.


Beef isolate from any company is pure garbage


No bueno, least favorite


Let’s remember this item might appeal to those who can’t handle dairy all that well (such as myself). I’m not saying it is a must have product. It definitely is not.


Think this has been said like 100 times Matt. Not going to change their mind. It was always going be compared to Whey.