is SUING GNC for a Minimum of 100 MILLION Dollars! is SUING GNC for a Minimum of 100 MILLION Dollars!


Grab a seat folks, because this is happening. Today while checking PACER, we saw that there was a Motion to Correct/Amend the Jim Stoppani Lawsuit. Had the two sides reached a settlement??? Not. Even. Close. Instead, has amended the lawsuit to include GNC, and they are seeking $100,000,000 in …
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I am not sure why GNC would get involved with this. Maybe they are also manufacturing for JYM 2.0?


I feel like there's something big of which we are not yet aware. I'm no lawyer, and I have no experience running public companies. I have, however, invested in the stock market for a number of years and seen the differences in public companies. GNC is a publicly traded company with a large responsibility to their stockholders as well as their franchisees. They are run (at the top) by folks who are at very least bean counters first and athletes in a far second. They're also an established and mature company with plenty of funds, established legal counsel, and other experts at their disposal to do this properly. They are also the only vested party who has made no public statements regarding this. In before they drop their bombshell!


FUCK They are just pissed because he branched out.