BMPEA, Acacia Rigidula, GNC Lawsuits, and the FULL Story

October 28, 2015 Update: This post now cites data from both sides, and GNC is fighting their case BMPEA (Beta-methylphenethylamine) and Acacia rigidula are back in the news again – this time with Oregon’s Attorney General (Ellen Rosenblum) accusing GNC of selling “spiked” supplements.[1] Here’s what you won’t read at …
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Very, very informative. Thanks for sharing all the info!

BMPEA is not found in Acacia Rigidula. There is not a single scientific reference anywhere that shows BMPEA in any species of Acacia or being found in any other botanical source. It is not a natural compound. Every reference given shows N-Methylphenylethylamine and NOT B-Methylphenylethylamine. The position of the methyl group is critical and none of these references show B-Methyl being natural occurring.

I think we should ban the FDA......for our health and well being.

Aspartame (rat poison and a deadly CHEMICAL neurotoxin) is not a natural compound either, yet the FDA hypocrites allow it in our food supply. They are even putting this poison in MILK now. High Fructose Corn Syrup is also not a naturally occurring substance and the human body cannot process it naturally, thus it makes PEOPLE FAT. Yet the FDA hypocrites allow copious amounts of this crap in our food supply. Oh, but we can't have ANY thing that even resembles an amphetamine! It might curb our appetite from eating their fattening POISON. It might give us ENERGY and make us HEALTHY. Can't have that. Monsanto's (my satan in espanol) genetically modified fruits and vegetables which contain spider dna and rat dna are also NOT NATURAL COMPOUNDS. Yet these evil SOBs allow this garbage in our food supply. But they do put a few "natural ingredients" in our food such as Synomex (crushed livers from late term aborted babies kept alive until their organs are removed without anesthesia) to make it more tasty in products made by NESTLE, KRAFT, LITTLE DEBBIE, PEPSI, NABISCO and FRITO LAY to name only a few. So why not just shut your pie hole. Obviously you know nothing and are demonstrating the FDA's disgusting hypocrisy. Maybe you are a shill for them. If so, get some integrity and get a real job.

Amen to that!

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Hi, Priceplow!
Have you read this news directly from FDA:

You might want to check out this Snopes article that discusses Senomyx, so you don't inadvertently spread misconceptions:

Um, no. The senomyx thing is just a misconception.

This was debunked some time ago.

Preach Brother!

Um, NO. The Senomyx thing is just a bizarre misconception.
This was debunked some time ago.

I really wish people wouldn't stop spreading this stuff.

If you read the Texas A&M studies (Clement et al.), you'll see that the plant extracts supposedly contained "amphetamine", which should've been labeled as β-methylphenethylamine, as the article above also explains.